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Mademoiselles is a series from French photographer Natasha Gudermane. We spoke to her about the series, her life in Paris, and what she’s working on next.

Can you tell me about your Mademoiselles project? 

Natasha Gudermane: Being a foreigner in Paris and feeling slightly de-rooted, I tried to get closer to the things and people around me by studying and photographing them. I made portraits of Parisian women. I felt a little distant from them. They’re  quite different from me, and also from what I had thought they would be. What hides behind their public behavior? How do they embody their  own intimacy?

Is there a quality that you look for in a model?

Natasha: I look for the poetry in people—something that lifts them above banality, even when I am completely mired in it.

What excites you about Parisian life? 

Natasha: You can meet people from anywhere in the world. Thanks to Paris, my friendship come from all corners of the world. I also love that Parisians are not prudes and moralists.

What’s your next project?

Natasha: I want to work on a project about memories and the ways we keep them.