Jon Hamm Shirtless And Sexy on SNL

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I first caught this weekend’s Saturday Night Live episode muted at a bar, because I don’t spend Saturday’s at home alone drinking and watching TV. Mainly because I don’t own a TV (wish I did!). But even without the sound I could tell that this was going to be blowing up on the Internet the moment I got home, because a) anything involving Jon Hamm is immediately trend-worthy and b) you don’t need audio to see Hamm, shirtless and placenta-covered, emerging from Kristen Wiig’s vagina. Yeah, one of the weirder digital shorts SNL has ever done. So yes, this shit blew up on SEO, probably broke the world wide web  for a couple hours, and now things are back to normal. BUT IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: here are the sketches where Hamm bares his torso from last night (plus the monologue, because it was one the funnier ones this season).

If Scott Brown was actually this hot we would have voted for him too.

The Sergio sketch was apparently a response to a Landline TV sketch parodying Andy Samberg’s constant rapping in his digital shorts. So instead we get the saxophonist from The Lost Boys! Weird reference, very weird ending:

Hamm’s earlier roles weren’t nearly as glamorous as Don Draper. Oh wait, they were. But season three Draper, where he’s a real asshole.

Also great was the Hamm and Bublé sketch, even though I had no idea who Michael Bublé was before today. And here I thought we ran out of Jon Hamm/ham jokes last season!

Consensus? Jon Hamm is much better at comedy than January Jones. But maybe that’s because she can’t take her shirt off on public television.

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