Acupuncturist Gives Virginity Tests, Gets Three Guys Off (Murder Charges)

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Acupuncture in woman's backThree men convicted of gang rape in Vietnam ten years ago were freed from prison recently after an acupuncturist testified that all three are still virgins.

Pham Thi Hong threatened to light herself on fire in public if prosecutors did not reopen the case. Her lobbying of the President eventually forced those prosecutors to take a gander at their files, whereupon they admitted certain errors. Whether they discovered unrelated problems with the state’s case or took the acupuncturist’s word for it is not known.

Anyone else itching to call bullshit on this one? Hong says a certain red spot remains on each man’s ear, indicating they are all virgins. This is the first time we’ve heard of men having/losing a spot on their ears as a result of having sex — in fact, we’ve never heard of any physical transformation happening in men — have you?