Comedian quizzes Westboro Baptist Church about Comi-Con, Jesus, gay fashion

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Westboro Baptist Church versus Dave Sirus

This video is going viral today — and it's a welcome relief from all the charming but ultimately forgettable videos of people goofing on the Westboro Baptist Church. This clip, starring roving reporter Brick Stone (actually comedian Dave Sirus), is memorable because of at least five different killer comic timebombs, which Sirus drops on these hapless fools with incredible ease.

"It was really fun to make," says Sirus, "My only regret is that no one took a swing at me.

His video touches on Lady Gaga, anal sex, gay adoption (that is, adoption of gay kids) and other topics I must resist spoiling for you. A shorter clip is making the rounds, but here's the full version from Sirus' YouTube channel:

It's important that we keep all the crazies in one place — like at Westboro Baptist Church or Rand Paul campaign events.