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True Stories: Alcoholics Amorous
by Jenny Tucker

Getting laid at AA can take more than twelve steps.
My First Time
by You

"I was born and raised into a Hasidic community..."
Six Hilarious YouTube "Olympics" That Should Be Added to the Real Olympics
by Chris Mathias

If we don't see the reverse cowgirl in Vancouver, we'll be disappointed. /entertainment/
Confession of the Week
by You

"My hot boss just secretly asked me out and I have a performance review coming up. Do I go for it?"
Miss Information
by Erin Bradley

How can I escape my emotionally abusive boyfriend? /advice/
The Top 43 Sexiest U.S. Presidents
by the Hooksexup Editors

Hail to the chief.
The Hooksexup Date with Amy
by Jessica Yatrofsky

There's one sure way to forget an ex-boyfriend...
The Wolfman
by Scott Von Doviak

Benicio Del Toro stars in this biopic of Benicio Del Toro. /entertainment/
Sex Advice From... The Recently Dumped
by Kate Sullivan

Q: What's the best remedy for the break-up blues? A: In order: Friends, wine, cigarettes, your hand. /advice/
Eight Valentine's Day Movies For Highly Specific Situations
by Josh Kurp

Are you romancing a disgruntled miner? /entertainment/
True Tales of Heartbreak
by Stacey Szewczyk

Hooksexup celebrates Valentine's Day with real-life stories from the broken-up, the cheated-upon, and the summarily dumped.
Surviving the Garbage Movie Season
by Eric Larnick

Ten films worth seeing, post-Oscars and pre-blockbusters. /entertainment/
Awesome Advice, Way to Go!
by Erin Bradley

A handy list of things to say to that naked woman in your bed. /advice/
Savage Love
by Dan Savage

My wife made a sex tape with her ex. Will I regret watching it? /advice/
Ten Mistakes That Could Ruin Ghostbusters III
by James Greene, Jr.

Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis could make the great sequel we've wanted for years — if they avoid these blunders. /entertainment/
My First Time
by You

"We'd spent plenty of time in the woods behind the playground..."
A Field Guide to "Cool Older Men"
by Julie Klausner

Be careful with that Anthony Bourdain crush.

Sunshine State
The Willowz are Michel Gondry-tested, Kirsten Dunst-approved. /music/
By Gwynne Watkins.

Catch 'Em If You Can
Female power-group Electrelane is all kinds of intense. /music/
By Catrinel Bartolomeu.

Captain Hook
The New Pornographers' A.C. Newman on Nietzsche, nerds and sex after marriage. /music/
By David Callicott.

Like a Midnight Cowboy
Okkervil River's Will Sheff runs deep and dark. /music/
By Sarah Hepola.

Sunny Side Up
Frankel's California sound defrosts cold hearts. /music/
By Gwynne Watkins.

Chris Urbanowicz of Editors wants to know, where's our Debbie Harry? /music/
By Lauren Gitlin.

29 Thoughts on the New White Stripes Album
16. Sometimes, I really like the Arcade Fire, and sometimes I think they could have been a skit on The Muppet Show. /music/
By Adam Boyle.

Mistaken Identity
Don't call Patrick Wolf sexually ambiguous. /music/
By Annsley Chapman.

The National breaks big. /music/
By Akiva Gottlieb.

Hot Fuzz
The Shins' James Mercer wants to oblique you all over. /music/
By Sarah Hepola.

Hair to the Throne
Kings of Leon return, fully bearded and ready to rule.
By Sarah Hepola.

Mister Mastery
Elliott Smith's longtime producer commemorates the doomed craftsman with a final collection. /music/
By Peter Smith.

Sister Act
The Pierces skewer hipsterism with "Boring." /music/
By Michaelangelo Matos.

Dance Dance Revolution
Klaxons' original synth stirs hearts and loins. /music/
By Catrinel Bartolomeu.

Murphy's Romance
The OCD LCD Soundsystem frontman on his marriage and love for disorder. /music/
By Catrinel Bartolomeu.

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