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I know, I know. You’re sitting around on a Friday night scrolling through Tinder or sexting an old flame. You’ve watched every video on Pornhub twice. All you want is to find a nice someone to get dinner with, maybe see a movie, then have some good old fashioned sex already. Well, you might try getting off your ass and doing some charity work.

Yes, two studies in the British Journal of Psychology point to the idea that people who give more, get more. Researchers broke it down this way:

The first study asked single man and women to describe how much charity work they take part in (if any), and how frequently they have sex.

Researchers found that straight women received more sexual attention from when they were more charitably active, while men who were more charitable were found to have had more sexual partners in their lifetime. So a win for everyone.

That’s right. Looks like the more time you spend giving to others, the more you will receive in the bedroom. Pretty great, right? But the study went on:

In the second study, students were given $100. They were able to either donate all the money to charity, donate part of it, or keep all the cash for themselves.

The men who gave more money to charity were found to have had more sexual partners, while the women who were more charitable had sex more frequently.

Yep, if you put a little jingle in your less fortunate guy’s cup, you’ll get a few more booty calls. What this all adds up to is pretty clear. Be better at being human. It will not only help the world be a little less awful, it might help get you laid. It might seem silly to have to say this but if you’re home alone with no one to hold the best advice is to give.

h/t Metro UK