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As we have seen over the last few weeks (albeit, generations) when it comes to politics the United States is sharply divided. In porn appreciation, on the other hand, we seem to unite in erotic taste.

The adult website Pornhub has released its most-searched terms, and has found that most Americans get their rocks off to lesbian porn. “Lesbian” searches flood most of the West, Midwest and East Coast, making it the top ranking term across America. Heading up north, the ever-concerning term “step sister” was the most searched – preferred in states such as Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, Ohio and Maine, while “stepmom” wins gold in Alaska, Washington, Kentucky and new Hampshire.

People are getting freaky in Nebraska, Arkansas ,Tennessee and Vermont, where “cartoon” is the top ranking search term. The highest population of African American citizens are located in Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia, so no surprise to find the top ranking search terms are “ebony” and “black”.

A (literal) wildcard in the draw, Rhode Island users opted for “MILF”! Do your thing, Rhode Island.