Watch What a Real L.A. Boot Camp Is Like in This Hilarious Episode of ‘Be Here Now-ish’

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Boot camp in Los Angeles is nothing like boot camp in New York. In New York, there are stationary bicycles, pushy instructors on head-sets, and rags specifically designed to soak up all your butt sweat. In L.A., boot camp feels more like a parodic neo-hippie ceremony, complete with chanting, sacred memory objects, and absolutely no use of cell phones. Nina and Sam are on board with their newfound West Coast spirituality. That is, until their boot camp leader mentions alchemized urine tinctures. It all goes down in the extra-hilarious sixth episode of Be Here Now-ish.

Watch it all unfold in the delightful, satirical new comedy web series by independent filmmakers Alexandra Roxo and Natalia Leita. Be Here Now-ish follows the lives of Sam, a dating coach, and Nina, a pot delivery woman, as they work, hook up, and stumble their way through the men and women of New York and L.A., all on their path to finding a spiritual awakening.

Be Here Now-ish features the talents of Karley Sciortino of Slutever, Caitlin Fitzgerald of Masters of Sex, and Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio. Look out for future episodes of Be Here Now-ish, premiering every week on Hooksexup.

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