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A guy named Vico a long time ago came up with this idea that history happens in cycles. These days we can’t help but agree. It seems like there’s an ocean tide of 90’s nostalgia right now.

MTV is back.

Bill Clinton is back.

OJ is back.


And Pokemon.


Yes, old Vico might have been on to something.

And the 1990’s have returned once again with the Osbournes back in the news. If you don’t know, they were a sort of the Hot-Topic Kardashians of their day. Ozzy would wonder around the house and mumble profound nonsense which turned out to be cries for help that no one understood.

Turns out, Ozzy was a sex addict, too.

Ozzy Osbourne is undergoing “intense therapy” for sex addiction, which caused his separation from his manager and wife of 34 years, Sharon. The Black Sabbath frontman’s representatives released a statement saying he had been dealing with sex addiction for the last six years,but that since his “relationship” with hairstylist Michelle Pugh had been exposed, he had sought treatment.

The drama has played out even more with his wife Sharon talking publically about it. Strong lady.

Such public airing of dirty laundry is nothing new. In fact, it’s a national pastime. But sex addiction is real as drugs or drink. Celebrities live in isolation with constant streams of affection. They often cannot see the repercussions of their actions. Anthony Weiner is the perfect example and Tiger Woods Bill Clinton. The list goes on. What makes men fly so close to the sun? We might need look no further than:


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