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We have just found the best new addition to all girls nights, drinking games, and general millennial hang-outs across the wide world. Yes, that’s right. Once you play Matchr, you will agree.

Inspired by Tinder, Matchr is a card game that includes 70 cards, each featuring a lonely stereotypically hilarious single waiting for users to find them a date. A ‘match’ is formed when a player finds two cards with compatible sexual orientations and at least two #hashtags in common (which are featured on each card).


“Matchr plays kind of like a super version of gin rummy. Instead of traditional suits, each card has three hashtags that describe their personality, such as #eyesuphere, #homebody, #barfly, etc,” founder Mars Incrucio revealed to us. “So creating a match involves finding two cards with a compatible sexual orientation and at least 2 out of 3 hashtag overlap.”


There are wild cards such as Friendcest, which allows you steal a card from a neighbor, and there are The Unicorn Hunters, which lets you search the deck for any bisexual female you can play.

“Online dating has always been a curiosity of mine,” said Incrucio. “It’s like a more convenient, user-friendly form of people watching. I think I’ve always been looking for a creative project associated with online dating as an excuse to myself for spending so much time swiping left and right.


“The whole thing is an absurdist take on modern romance that I hope allows people take a step back and laugh at the cliches of online dating as well as themselves.”

Find out more about our new favorite game here.