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Photographer Tomer Ifrah wormed his way through the Moscow Metro system to capture these stunning portraits of contemporary Russian transit, which almost feels preserved in time.

I’m writing this from home, a little snail hunched over my laptop while the wind howls outside between snow drifts. This should explain why.

Larry David, perhaps more than anything, doesn’t want you to think he’s the curmudgeon he’s so fond of introducing on screen. He tips well, won’t send back food, and by golly, wants journalists to know he’s not bored.

Maureen O’Connor explains the fascinating world of masturbation habits between couples:

“On the one hand, pioneers like Dodson have helped to align sexuality with self-empowerment, which has taught us to think of masturbation as a healthy element of a diverse sexual menu as opposed to a shameful, inadequate substitute for sex — even from day one in a fulfilling relationship…On the other hand, well, masturbation is sort of inherently antisocial.”

Word of the day: hypersomniac. These are individuals who could sleep 50 hours straight and never feel well rested. Meet Lloyd Johnson, the man who never feels awake.

Science says relationships come down to 2 basic traits. They are not “bringing ice cream” and “smelling good.”

This one goes out to a whale and his very upset tummy.