The 10 Most Iconic Pies in Pop Culture

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Happy Pi(e) Day!

It's once again March 14th. That means you've got three days to hydrate before St. Patty's and one day to gorge on the sweet taste bud explosion that is a warm slice of pie. To get you in proper pie position, we compiled the 10 most iconic pies ever. Take a look below and let us know your favorites. 

1. The Cup Pie, Pushing Daisies


Gone too soon like oh so many of our dearly departed, Pushing Daisies had the weird kind of magic that made cutesy-love adorable and pie a welcome vice. Picking just one pie from this fanciful series wold be nearly impossible so instead, I elect The Cup Pie. For those of us who think a slice is just too much. 

2. Marshmallow Mermaid Pie, The Waitress


Aside from the intensely perfect amount of marshmallows included in the Marshmallow Mermaid Pie, the reason Keri Russell's waitress bakes it is so much more special. I won't ruin it here but be sure to check out this independent gem with an amazing cast and glorious, glorious food porn. The Waitress is a total diamond in the rough that not only made pie cool again, but also brought Keri Russell back. We're infinitely grateful in both cases. 

3. The Pie, American Pie


"We'll just tell your mother we ate it all." Need we say more? The sweet note from mom, the smooth jazz in the background, the teenage trepidation Jason Biggs' Jim experiences as he fingers a pie  — wait, what? Things take a turn for the sexy(?) in this 1999 cult classic but was that really such a stretch? If pie is involved, I'm already interested. 

4. Cherry Pie — and a damn fine cup of coffee, Twin Peaks


I'm not sure if it was the tuna fish, the pie, or that damn good coffee but something about Twin Peaks' seemingly signature dish kept us coming back for extra helpings. Dale probably didn't hurt things either. 

5. Joffrey and Margaery's Dove Pie, Game of Thrones


First, minor spoilers depending on where you are in the series. Second, the pie was probably the best part of The Purple Wedding — aside from that way better part. You know the one. The purple one. For those not in the know, Cersei Lannister commissioned a giant dove pie for a certain special feast. And I don't mean "a pie made of dove meat." I mean a pie with mother fracking doves that fly out of it. Who else is hoping this spectacle will make it into Season Four?

6. Calming Pie, Men in Black 


Whenever our favorite interstellar police officers had an issue or needed to erase someone's memory, pie was the go-to snack of choice. Delicious, filling, and possibly laced with some alien tech, Men in Black pie will stand as one of the great unifying forces of our pop culture time. 

7. "The Worst Pies in London," Sweeney Todd


Perhaps a little flat, and the pie is bad too, but there's something about the demon barber that sticks in your mind. Maybe it's the gushing blood? Regardless, the cannibalistic concoctions of Mrs. Lovett and Mr. Todd were a staple of fictional London for a turn or two and have earned their spot in the pie menagerie. 

8. Apple Pie Hopes, "High Hopes"


With an intoxicating can-never-ever-get-it-out-of-your-head melody, "High Hopes" tells the endearing story of a very ambitious ant. Actual pie is heartily mentioned but scarcely seen, making me wonder if Frank was trying to torture us. 

9. Berry Pie, Pootie Tang


The absurdist romp to end all absurdist romps, Pootie Tang is a sort of "What the fuck?" movie that is just so darn charming. Although there are many stand out scenes, Pootie eating pie has to be in the top five. Watch the clip here and you'll see what I mean. 

10. The "Chocolate" Pie, The Help


Don't shit where you eat? Don't eat where you shit? How about "Don't take pie from strangers/disgruntled ex-employees?" Yeah, that's it. I'm not here to decree whether or not the unfortunate Hilly Holbrook deserved her "special" pie, but I can say with full confidence that this revenge was as sweet as real chocolate pie. 

Now go. Go eat some pie!

Feature image via IMDB.

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