The Best Hunger Games Fan Fiction Is Incredibly Graphic

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Anyone can do it together if the Capitol says it’s okay. 


Katniss & Peeta

Lusty encounters between Hunger Games heroine Katniss and perpetual suitor Peeta Mellark make up a predictably solid chunk of the trilogy’s fan fic, which means Suzanne Collins did her job making the tension between these two teens palpable to frustrated readers around the globe. Most of these stories are tender and imbued with, y’know, feelings and such, like the lovey-dovey stuff that colors all that hardcore porn in this story, “The Heart Keeper.” Don’t worry, Katniss and Peeta yearn for each other’s hearts plenty before they dive into the XXX material like this:

"I play dirty and this time will be no exception. I bend down and give a thick swipe of my tongue over her slit before it reaches up and circles her clit. She tastes so sweet.

"Oh my god" She screams out. I repeat the process over and over. I mix up the motions until I feel her juices pooling under her thighs. I slide a finger into her and now it's my turn to moan. She's so wet and tight. I slide in another finger and fuck her purposefully with them.

"Peeta. Please Peeta! Yes!" She's close I know she is. I stop moving my fingers and I withdraw them from her. I lift up my eyes.

"What? No. Peeta. Please, I'm so close. Please." Her frustrated cries stroke my ego.

"Say it, Katniss."

"I can't."

"Say it." I whisper the words over her clit."


Katniss & Gale

But wait. Peeta doesn’t own Katniss’s heart (or loins). Gale Hawthorne, Katniss’s best friend and primary devotee, also has desires. He and Katniss share a tearful goodbye and plenty of other bodily fluids in “One Last Chance to Say Goodbye:”

"Each thrust of his fingers or flick of his tongue built up more pleasure deep within her until she could barely stand it. Her blood was boiling with need and it made the moans that fell from her lips even more consistent. Katniss twisted the sheets in her hand as she arched up from the mattress. It was overwhelming but something told her it wouldn’t last much longer. This pleasure was something she’d never dreamed of and yet Gale had given it to her. She would never be able to thank him enough for showing her this side of sex. The pleasures were only something whispered about by the girls at school and Katniss was never one for gossip. Now at least she knew all there was to understand, or at least she thought she did. Moments ticked by and she felt her body begin to tremble. There was tightness in her stomach that hadn’t been there before yet it wasn’t unpleasant."


Peeta & Gale

Gale and Peeta could skip all that messy triangulation with Katniss and get right to business themselves. In “Touch Me,” the two men realize they’ve been hunting the wrong target all along.

“You’re safe with me, Peeta.”

The words floor me and, damnit, he knows it. When I don’t say anything, he leans down and kisses me. I moan when his tongue snakes inside and gasp when he flips us over. He sits up, leaning back against the headboard, his arms wrapped tightly around me. I stare down at him now and realize he’s letting me take control. Kissing him again, I start to move my hips. Oh, he feels good.

When he thrusts up to meet me, I feel a spike of pleasure that shoots up my spine. I gasp his name and he does it again. When he starts a fast pace, I grab ahold of the top of the headboard, searching for purchase. But, he doesn’t let me find it. His lips are back at my neck, his hand pumping my weeping cock. My entire body’s on fire when I come, my orgasm almost ripping my breath from me. He follows shortly after, thrusting up sharply and yelling my name."


Katniss & Cinna

It’s fine if Gale and Peeta leave her in the dust—Katniss can always turn to Cinna, her stylist, for the kind of male understanding those boys never gave her. (Even though he’s clearly written in the books to be a bit of a homosexual.) And turn to him she does, backward and forward, in “Safety Razor.” Bonus points for a shaving fetish, because duh, Cinna.

"This time, he presses a kiss to her bare skin, just below her knee. After a moment's hesitation, she bends down to kiss her own knee, just to see what it would feel like. It's warm, soft. She imagines his mouth would be scratchier – maybe if she got a toothbrush? No, that's silly. She presses her wet, warm fingers there instead, and scratches herself lightly with her nails, so that shivers run up her leg. He shaves up and up her thigh, and this time dips his fingertip very lightly inside the elasticated band of her panties, slides his finger up a little higher to brush over her outer lips, over the hair there.

"Shall we shave you there too?" he says. He's laughing quietly, joking with her, but Katniss feels that shiver again that's almost like fear, except it leaves her feeling achy, almost hungry.

"No thanks," she whispers, too soft to hear herself."


Cinna & Finnick

Finnick Odair, forced into prostitution by President Snow after winning the 65th Hunger Games, pops up (ahem) in plenty of slash fic. Erotic fiction can be, for many, a place to safely explore fetishes; so, even though a sex scene between Cinna and a prostituted Finnick might make some readers uneasy at best, it allows others to get off on ideas that would be more difficult—and morally ambiguous—to put into play off the page. In “The Whore from District Four” (yep), Finnick gets down with plenty of clients, though his scene with Cinna gets bonus points for also serving as an SAT vocab exercise:

Cinna bucked his hips. Harder. He yanked Finnick’s head back and forth by his long, flowing blonde curls, buttocks clenching as he thrust his cock into the whore’s mouth, repeatedly and with increasing aggression. The noises of pleasure and discomfort, or pain, fuck yes, PAIN, brought him closer to orgasm with each violent thrust. This was what it meant to fuck someone. This was what it felt like to be alive.

When Cinna finally came, moaning his release as he emptied his load down Finnick’s throat, the whore accepted the gift with an equanimity that bordered on the saintly.”


Finnick & Avox

In the Hunger Games universe, an Avox is a rebel or traitor captured by the Capitol. They have their tongues cut out (symbolism!) and live the rest of their lives in forced servitude to the Capitol’s citizens. So, you’ve got a captive teenager with his or her tongue removed — perfect grist for the fan fic mill, I’m afraid. Though, you have give a story like “A View from the Lists” credit for illuminating Finnick’s disgust at being forced by a Capitol minion called Lobotae to orally rape a male Avox. If this isn’t enough there’s 55,000 more words in this story. Oof.

 “I don’t say anything. I take her male Avox by the hand and guide it to my groin. He hangs his head, and undoes my pants, and though I do hear Lobotae commanding him to get my clothes off entirely it’s distant and echoing somewhere in the back of my mind. He gets me hard enough, I’ve managed that before and I’ll manage it again and when Lobotae tells me to I hold her girl Avox by the hair and guide myself into her mouth. It’s more spacious without a tongue. She has nothing to block her teeth.

Lobotae makes sure I finish. It takes longer than I think she’d have preferred.”


Finnick & Katniss

As with most fan fic involving Finnick, even his scenes with Katniss involve prostitution or even rape. In “Playing with Fire” (a-ha), Finnick and Katniss are forced to have sex for sport, and Katniss has complicated feelings on the matter (though Finnick’s pronoun usage makes it conveniently difficult to tell just whom he loves).

I start to feel the tears run down my face in a steady stream, “Finnick, I –”

“I said louder,” he darkly pleads, grabbing me by the hair to pull me closer to his emotionless face.

“Finnick I love you!” I scream at the top of my lungs, on a cliff of tears. He looks at me and sends a seductive smile my way.

“As do I.” He pumps in me faster and faster until he let my name escape his lips in one deep moan. He drops me to the floor and I fall in hot, dripping pain.


Johanna & Gale

In fan fic, Katniss gets plenty of ass for so regularly kicking it, but Johanna Mason—another Games victor—gets her due, as well. In “The Punishment,” Johanna uses that aggression on Gale in a different battleground.

"So when they fall into bed together, she always pins him down without mercy. Sometimes she tears his clothes when she pulls them off, but that's all right–he's rich enough to get new ones now. Her dirty nails dig into his shoulders, and she bites his lips instead of kissing him. Sometimes she draws blood.

They fuck, and she hurts him. It's never enough."


Johanna & Peeta

Apparently insatiable, Johanna moves on from Gale to Peeta in “Say the Word,” and she makes it about as rough as it gets in a teenage fantasy. BDSM shouldn’t be unusual in the Capitol, should it?

“I’ll bet you don’t want a lot of things.” She slammed a glob of cold, slick gel between the cheeks of his ass. “I’ll bet you don’t want to go into that arena tomorrow and be killed. I’ll bet you don’t want your imaginary baby to grow up without a mommy or a daddy. I’ll bet you’d like to be in District 12 curled up in front of the coal with your precious Katniss, putting real buns in her oven. Well I hate to tell you this, Peeta, but sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do. Life is all about taking it up the ass.”

She pressed the head of her wooden phallus against his sphincter and pushed. He thought it would hurt, he thought it would tear him apart but he was so slick it slipped right in. There was no pain, only a feeling of fullness. Holding his hips, she started to pound, in and out. Something inside him seemed to send shivers down his cock. He was moaning, arching towards her, his body stiffening. He was on the point of climax when she stopped.

“Not yet,” she ordered. “You’re going to save some of that for me.” 


Haymitch & Effie

Hey, peripheral characters deserve love, too. District 12 escort Effie Trinket and former Games champion Haymitch Abernathy may seem like an odd couple with Effie’s prim demeanor and Haymitch drunken reveries, but as ever, opposites attract in “Effie Trinket, Wild One.” Bonus appearance by a surprise guest at the end of this excerpt:

She grabbed a fistful of his hair, stared into his eyes intensely. “Fuck me, Haymitch. Fuck me hard.” 

His eyes widened momentarily in surprise. He hesitated for a second or two, seeming uncertain. But he did as she requested, flipping her onto her stomach, pulling her hindquarters up and aggressively taking her from behind. Pleasure and pain cracked her wide open, and Effie moaned loudly. 

As he thrust into her with just the slightest hint of violence, his fingers reached clumsily around her front to fondle her swollen clit. This gesture reminded her of her husband’s deft ministrations, and at that moment, Effie imagined him sitting on the armchair in the corner of the room, watching her and Haymitch make love. “Having fun, darling?” her husband’s ghost asked her. He appeared bemused. 


Haymitch & Johanna

Haymitch takes a break from drinking long enough to partner up with Johanna in “Mutt,” which features Johanna sex in a pick-up truck, for those of you who’ve always wanted a Hunger Games/Taylor Swift crossover:

She’s perfection – short dark hair with large, dark eyes that never leave mine as her head bobs, “Fuck, Jo…” My fingers catch some in the gel she uses to keep her hair up, messing with her faux hawk. Some guys would like some more hair to work with as a good handle, but with a mouth like hers…

I feel her tongue along my length as she gives my balls a light squeeze. She knows what this does to me and I force her away. She lands roughly and I almost feel bad. Johanna is a tough girl and she knows better than to let her head hit.

My lips crash against hers as I press some of my weight on her. She’d never want anyone to know it, but she gets off by getting me and only me off. We tried bringing a third person into the bedroom with us, a small blonde. But Johanna quickly became disinterested, rushed everything and kicked her out the second we were done so she could pounce on me again.

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