A Kiss Filmed from Inside Someone’s Mouth Is the Most Terrifying Thing You Will Ever See

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It's almost enough to make you stop doing it.

Over 11 months ago, Reddit user MrRobotoGotAGato posted this fascinatingly disgusting video of a slimy ass kiss filmed from inside the man's mouth and it was absolutely too terrifying not to share. You know, it's like when you smell rotten milk in the fridge and you say to your roommate, "Smell this," beause somehow sharing the suffering makes it a little less awful. We don't know where it actually came from, or what poor soul had to have that camera in the back of his throat for our viewing please, but we can take this moment to educate ourselves on some simple kissing etiquette. 

First, remember hygiene, people! If you're lucky enough to be sucking face with somebody, then the least you can do is brush and floss twice a day. It's a common courtesy. And you miss thing, that amount of lipstick before a kiss is just rude and mean-spirited. All that poor boy is going to remember from your little rendezvous is the taste of Play-Doh. Finally, it's safe to say we all agree that the act of two people kissing should only be enjoyed by those two people, and the rest of the world via cameras stationed outside of their bodies. 

So, take a look at what we hope is the last piece of visual evidence of an internal kiss. 

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