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The Craziest Place I Ever Had Sex

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Over the years, we've asked many interviewees about the craziest places they ever had sex, and we've compiled our favorite answers here. Takeaway: make sure you knock before entering… anywhere.


Alex, 21

One time the guy that I was fucking and I decided to get blackout wasted and have sex in the bathroom at one of the bars on State Street. The owners of the bar were in town at the time, and the owner's wife walked in on us. We stopped immediately, and it was really uncomfortable for all parties involved, including the bartenders. If I can quote, the wife said, "What the fuck are you two doing?" 


Sam, 24

The first time I ever had sex was in a baseball field, in left field. We were drinking in the dugout and I told her I was a good outfielder.


Molly, 30

This guy I was seeing lived on the second floor of a two-floor apartment. He had basically a private staircase. We were coming down the stairs and he pushed me against the wall and I fucked him in the stairwell, with the door open to the street basically. Skirt, boots — it was super-hot.


Chris, 25

On my desk. It was crazy. This job was basically at a call center in Midtown. I was the last person in the office, and the missus and I were going to go out for a night on the town. She was downstairs waiting for me, but I asked her to come up for a few minutes. I was actually on the phone with a client while we were getting it on.


Amanda, 32

On a bus coming back from a high-school field trip. It was one of those trips — I'm from upstate New York — and we used to come to the city a lot and take museum trips. That particular trip we had two buses — those big chartered buses, not school buses — and there were only five people on one bus. Everyone was asleep and we were sixteen and it was like, "Let's see what we can do." Now I think back on it and I'm like, "Jesus Christ."


Kate, 26

A fire escape. I was at a Halloween party at my friend's house. My phone actually dropped down into a trash can in the alley below. [Hooksexup: "Did you get it back?"] Yeah, he walked me down there from the fourth floor. It was a huge disaster. We had to go through the trash can to find my phone. It was not pretty.


Woody, 23

I just had sex on a plane last week.


Hayley, 24

I had sex on the Chinatown bus. Philly to New York. We had the whole back row, and it was just a very empty bus where everyone had their own seats, and everyone was five or six seats apart. The lights were off. It was fine. Nobody looked back.


Chad, 22

I went to Kmart once, with family. I saw one of the employees there and I'm like, "Wow, she's hot." So I'm trying to get her attention. And she just would not respond. No response whatsoever. But then this elderly woman needed help. So I stopped the girl, because now I had a reason to. I pointed out the old lady who needed help. And then I was like, "I needed help too, and you'd prefer to help an old woman versus my young, handsome self." We ended up in this lounge area, we started talking and she was like, "Yeah, I'm a nympho." Then we ended up going to her car for something, and it was a car, so…


Idelissa, 21

A pier. It just happened, I don't know. I'm not really sure. [Hooksexup: "You're just walking along a pier and bam!"] Yeah.

Sonni, 37

Last weekend I hooked up in the woods with a random chick with a glass eye. I lost my phone — my phone fell out and I couldn't remember what part of the woods we were in. I got… you see these mosquito bites? I have mosquito bites on my ass from being in the woods. It was this brutal vicious attack. You had this moment of pleasure and then this vicious attack coming at you. The mosquitoes were so bad that we went into the street. It was great. Totally worth it. Never did find my phone, but I got another one.


Sebastian, 26

One time, when I lived in Chicago, I was pretty drunk and I met this guy who was also really drunk, walking towards Wrigley Field. We start talking and he's like, "Hey, do you want to come down to my apartment and fool around?" And I'm like, "Sure." We walk down this alley that was literally right there — which I thought was very peculiar — but whatever. He's trying his keys in this door and it's not working, so he starts knocking on the door. Nothing. He's like, "Well, I'll just have to text my roommate. But can I give you head?" So he goes down on me. All of a sudden: sirens. I pull up my pants. The cops got a complaint from the woman whose apartment the guy was banging on. I didn't get indecent exposure — I didn't get anything. The guy was arrested because his pants were down. I'm sure they knew that my pants were down and that we were fooling around, but it was totally innocent on my part.


Erin, 35

I'll give you my juiciest story. I can't believe I'm telling you this. I was sitting on a plane, and this guy was sitting next to me. We were talking, and it turned out his mother had passed away and he was going home for the funeral. Well, we both had the same layover in the same airport, so we got off the plane together and had sex in the stairwell. Then we had another drink at the bar and said, "See ya later."


Clevins, 21

York Street, the F train station. It was the wintertime, and she had this really long Prada jacket covering us, so people would just think we were making out. But we were literally doing it in the station. I was really paranoid, thinking I was going to get caught, so… how can I put this? I just wasn't as excited as I should have been. She thought I wasn't into her, but it's hard to concentrate when you have people all around you. It's not you, it's the rush hour!


Sara, 23

In the fitting room of a thrift store in San Francisco. I was wearing something from the thrift store in the fitting room, and then we didn't buy it. I just hung it back up. It was a really nice vintage dress, and we decided that the adventure of the dress had been had and we would leave it on the shelf.


Chelsea, 23

I had sex on a stoop on Bourbon Street. I was sitting on my boyfriend's lap. People would walk by and we'd pretend I was just sitting on his lap and making out. Then they'd walk away and we'd go back to it. That was really an adrenaline rush.


Sky, 21

In a bed with a hitchhiker in it. Who was totally asleep. In a hotel. The sex eventually moved to the bathroom cause it was getting loud, but I don't think the hitchhiker even would have known what was going on if he had woken up. He didn't know we were gay, so he didn't see the potential of that happening at all.


Fran, 36

On the roof of a McDonald's. You know when you're young and you have to find a place to have sex? I've had sex on pretty much every type of swing set and piece of playground equipment you can think of. Swings are fun, as well as those merry-go-round things. I've had a lot of sex in bar bathrooms, but I don't think that's very unusual. I've had lots of public sex. Lots of sex at parties. I had sex in an alley, once. I had sex on an airplane.


Michael, "105"

I was a dining-car steward. Oakland to Chicago, for four years. Whenever I saw a young lady in the dining car, and she kind of glanced at me, and I kind of glanced at her, we'd step back into the Pullmans. And I had a room back there, because I was an important person, you see. So I could entertain after hours.


Brittany, 25

The hood of a car in a retirement community! [Hooksexup: "How the fuck did that happen?"] Jameson.

James, 27

Pocatello, Idaho, on a billboard. We were on the steel grate thing in front of it. It was this really tall steel grate and you had to climb a ladder to get up, this huge ladder right by the railroad tracks. You could totally see us. This was with my ex-fiance. We happened to magically finish right before a van rode by. It was in broad daylight, there were people around, and we finished just before this van saw us.


Sandy, 30

On a Caterpillar tractor at a construction site. Boyfriend at the time and I were playing frisbee in the park. So walking home, we passed by this construction site on the way to the car and were like "Look! There's no one there." We started wandering around, one thing leads to another, I'm wearing a skirt, it's very convenient, then we're having sex on a backhoe seat. It was like, "Watch out for the buttons! Don't hit the lever!" We were worried about running things over! It was right by this new building!


Barry, 26

An Israeli military base near of all my soldiers. I served for three years. Towards the end of my service — I was a commander, so they sent me to a recruiting base to help direct the new recruits. There was another girl from the military police I was working with. It was late at night. We ended up inside the office of our high commander and started having sex. And all the soldiers outside couldn't fall asleep because of the noise. When we came out, they were clapping.


Petra, 23

One time I had sex with my boyfriend in a graveyard, on a grave. [Hooksexup: "Did you know the deceased?"] No — that would be awful!


Lawrence, 29

When I was a freshman in college, I had sex outside of the Monument in D.C., and uh… we got busted by a park ranger and two Secret Service police. They told us to leave, but we went back. We waited about ten or fifteen minutes before we went back, and then we got busted again.


Kelly, 26

I lost my virginity on a trampoline. That was awful. The bouncing was not good for losing your virginity. 


Tom, 41

In an elevator on the way up to the CN Tower. Unfortunate, the elevator malfunctioned a little — it stopped in-between floors. Oops! We got in a little trouble, but it was well worth it.


Kaitlyn, 24

This is going to sound so slutty, but, in the boys' locker room in high school. [Hooksexup: "How did you make sure that no one came in?"] Someone did come in, and I got in trouble. [Hooksexup: "Was it during school hours?"] During lunch. [Hooksexup: "Why did you —"] Because I was stupid!


WaxFromHell, 47

In my hearse, but it's so common now. For most of the people, they would think it's bizarre, but for me it's just a safety spot. I can go anywhere. It's like my camper. People have no idea about the fun you can have in a hearse.


J.P., 24

I was at a red light and I happened to look over at the car next to me. The driver was looking at me. I kind of smiled and looked away, because I tend to be a bit shy sometimes. Then I looked back and he looked at me and smiled. He kind of did this tilt with his head, like "Do you want to follow me?" At first I looked away, and in my head I was thinking, "I don't know, it's late, I need to go home, and this is kind of scandalous and potentially dangerous." But I was a little bit horny. So I looked over and I kind of nodded. He pulled into this neighborhood that was pretty dark and not very populated. So I got out of my car and into his passenger side. We just talked for a minute, and then he put his hand on my… area. At this point, I had gone through all of this; I didn't want to be coy. So I went for it… And after we both climaxed we said our goodbyes and I went on my way. I've never seen him again.

Luis, 27

At the Wall. [Hooksexup: "The Vietnam memorial?"] Yeah, sorry. It was one of those nights. We got caught in the heat of the moment. It was empty with just a few tourists. You could see them from a distance, but it was pitch black out there.


Danny Rebel, 23

Right after a gig, I chatted up this one girl, and we eventually talked for about an hour, and then she gave me one of the best blowjobs I've ever had — in a parking lot. The dirtiest, stinkiest fuckin' parking lot, behind this dumpster. She knew what she was doing, and she dirty-talked. She kept talking while she was sucking my cock.


Mojdeh, 19

It was late at night and I was having sex in a small park next to the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg. And the cops showed up two minutes later. It was freaky, 'cause I could have been a sex offender.


Drew, 34

Back when I was a teenager, I was in the reserves, and it started off on a tank. It was with a non-com. Master corporal.


Conrado, 24

I had a girl push me into an unused entrance of a convent and pull my pants down and proceed.


Jessica, 55

My husband and I were courting each other. There was no private place for us to go, he was sort of… still married, and I was dating a fireman named Blaise. Anyway, our romance was getting hotter and heavier, but we didn't have any place to go. So anyway, we're back in the restaurant kitchen, and we thought, well, what about on top of the walk-in refrigerator? That was where we kept all of our paper goods, and there was a lovely bed of pizza boxes. The walk-in was about eight feet high and only accessible with a ladder, so everyone thought we were in the office doing work. Meanwhile, we're on top of this refrigerator that isn't enclosed! We can hear all of the kitchen guys talking and working! Let me tell you, it's hard to get off listening to Mexican guys cooking hamburgers five feet away.


Rob, 25

I was the mascot for Wagner College, I was a sea-hawk, and I fucked one of the dance girls on the fifty-yard line. [Hooksexup: "Really? In the costume?"] Well, I had the head. But I took it off after a minute because I couldn't breathe. It was the middle of the night, I was a freshman, and it kind of just happened that way.


Felicia, 23

In a moving car. He was the driver. We were on the highway going a little under the speed limit. I've never told anyone that before.


Sal, 36

When I was in high school, staying at my grandparents' place, a girl I met was staying at her grandparents' place. I snuck out of the old folks home where my grandparents were and walked five or six miles through the swamps of Florida to get to the old folks' home that she was staying at, snuck past security, and climbed through the window.


Sasha, 22

I made my long-term partner do it with me in public for Valentine's Day. When we were living in Australia together, I picked a playground during full daylight next to a road just to see if he would. He's a little more straight-laced than I am. And it was great! It was classy. Did a little pull-up on the monkey bars.

Nathanael, 30

Lost my virginity in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese. I was wearing my girlfriend's clothing at the time, and on substances I won't really go into detail about right now. It was awesome. We were bounced out of there, and for a year I was no longer welcome at the place where a kid can be… a man! I'm not lying.


Friday, 26

A junkyard. Yeah, it was pretty tight. I mean, we didn't just find a nasty Buick and do it in there — I got my car and we found a spot where it blended in. It worked.


Angela, 28

I had sex in a mall bathroom one time. That was kind of fun. I just kind of grabbed her and uh, stuff happened.


Deon, 26

Oh, I got a blowjob in that corner over there, thinking that no one could see me because I was so drunk. The bar was still going. It was pretty jumping. And I was like: no one can see us. Let's just go in this corner. Yeah… everyone could see us. And I got in a lot of trouble.


Braxton, 24

In high school, I was dating a girl and we were both at my best friend's parents' house. Things were getting a little heavy, so we wanted to leave. It was in the middle of winter and we were across the street from a Catholic church and a Catholic school. We went into the parking lot of the school and kicked open the door of one of the school buses and took care of business. The seats were really cold. And then we couldn't get out of the bus. I trapped myself in a Catholic school bus after sinning. Quite the punishment.


Johnny, 25

I was in a car, parked outside a university. The car was shaking, and a cop stopped by to check in on us. He said, "I'm not going to report this. Just finish and go." Those were his exact words. [Hooksexup: "Was it hard to finish then?"] No, it was like I had the stamp of approval.


Weejee, 37

I was living in a closet for awhile and my girlfriend actually came out to visit me. The best accommodations I could offer were of course, in my closet with me, and we ended up doing it on what turned out to be my roommate's beanbag chair in my closet. And then they threw away the beanbag, which I thought was unfair because actually we had just gotten out of the shower and it was clean post-shower sex. I didn't think the beanbag needed to be thrown away.


Winston, 28

I had sex on a Ferris wheel only a few months ago. Like five or six months ago. Her sitting on my lap facing the other direction. It's not quite doggy style. I don't know what you call that… sitting?


L. Diablo, 32

A trapeze net. [Hooksexup: "Were you having sex with a circus performer?"] Yes.


J.J., 26

I did hook up with a really cute pedi-cab driver I met through the restaurant. This one girl driver came by all the time when I was working at the door, and sometimes we talked for a while. One night, we went back to "her place," which turned out to be the garage of the pedi-cab company. We had a bunch of drinks, and talked, and then we had sex. In the morning, I woke up naked on this mattress on the floor of a pedi-cab garage. At first, I had no idea where I was. It was pretty surreal. Then the pedi-cab drivers started to come in to start their daily shift. Nobody seemed to notice, or care, that there was a naked guy on a mattress in the corner.

Eva, 20

On the first floor of a bus in London. We were kind of drunk, but it was okay. We were discreet. It was nice, the element of danger.


Anakin, 29

I hooked up in the ice-vending machine of a hotel one time. It was hard on the knees, I can assure you. Also, in caves and random hiking trails. One was in a cave with a river running through it in New Zealand. National parks. All sorts of places in New York.


Ramon, 27

I went to boarding school, and I fucked on the principal's desk.


Andrew, 45

I had sex standing up in the lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel.


Jeidar, 44

With my ex-husband, we were at South Street Seaport, and we got out of the car and, right in the parking lot, I just lifted my dress and we had sex. So… [laughs] People were passing by. I don't know if they noticed or didn't notice, but it was great. I took him by surprise. He was like, "Oh my God, people are going to watch." And I was like, "I don't care." That was the craziest thing I've ever done. It lasted not even ten minutes. It was a quickie. And then we laughed and walked away, and that was something that we could always remember. That was around the time that we met, so there was always something crazy going on.


Scott, 36

I had sex with a British woman in a taxicab in India.


Melissa, 26

In the middle of the street. It was a bet with my long-time boyfriend. He said that I was too pussy to have public sex in the middle of the street. And I was like, "Oh, really?" Bam. You know, it was a pride thing.


Justin, 27

In a tree. That was pretty crazy. On a limb. It just looked like a good spot.


Michelle, 32

In a hammock. And I do not suggest it. It's the worst! You can't get good leverage and there are ropes everywhere. Hammocks are bad.


Adam, 23

I once did it in someone's little brother's bedroom. I was nineteen and we were at someone's house and that was the only room that was open. The bed was smaller than a twin size. It was a really tiny, weak bed. There were stuffed animals everywhere. The walls were blue and had clouds everywhere. Afterwards, I felt terrible. But it was worth it.

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