American Psycho musical in pipeline, Huey Lewis reportedly thrilled

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The dude who does stage wounds for musicals doesn't get a lot of work. There's the stabbings in West Side Story, I imagine there's some wounding going on in that Silence of the Lambs musical, and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson sounds like there might be some blood in it, but your average musical focuses on cats or Oklahoma, not dismemberment.

But stage-wound guy who only works on musicals, your moment is nigh: a British production company is beginning work on a musical adaptation of American Psycho.

It's unclear if it's a direct adaptation of the book, or an adaptation of the movie, but most news outlets seem to be using pictures of Christian Bale in their articles on the musical, so there's that hint. The book was always considered "unfilmable" before it was, y'know, filmed, so maybe the stage version will have to take some notes from Mary Harron's generally well-received adaptation.

The adaptation has been in the works for a few years, but it's just now gotten the last push it needs to get into production. 

The score is reported to be "completely electronic," and was written by Duncan Sheik, who wrote the music for the adaptation of the old German play Spring Awakening, which also seemed like a crazy idea at the time. 

I was going to use this space to make a list of absurdly far-fetched musical adaptations, but five years ago that list would have been topped by American Psycho and Silence of the Lambs, so it appears I've been preempted. The Lovely Bones? I don't know, Cannibal Holocaust, maybe? Forget I said anything.

I… I have to go return some videotapes. 

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