Sarah Silverman goes full-frontal in “Take This Waltz”

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Sarah Silverman

Director and actress Sarah Polley has proven her ability to us, whether she's directing Julie Christie in 2006's absolutely crushing Away From Her, or playing a beast-monster's object of affection opposite Adrian Brody in last year's Splice.

But can she direct an independent dramedy about family, friends and significant others? Wherein "a woman has to choose between two different kinds of love"? I believe she can. Polley recruited Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, and Sarah Silverman for the film's lead roles. And, possibly expressing some latent desire to see Sarah Silverman naked, Polley ordered Silverman to go full-frontal for the film:

“I go totally naked,” says Silverman. “Full frontal. It’s going to be awful. It’s so not pretty.”

“Filming [that movie] was awesome,” says Silverman. “Sarah Polley is so f–king cool. So kind. She knows exactly what she wants, she knows how to get it. She was just lovely the whole time. A total delight.”

Apparently, Silverman also stands in front of a mirror in the film and utters, "I look in the mirror, and I want to fuck myself," which presumably was written with Silverman in mind, or an on-spot ad-lib from the comic herself.