Links: Charlie Sheen describes his two live-in “goddesses” on Howard Stern

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Charlie Sheen

The two "goddesses" (his live-in girlfriends) allegedly sleep in separate beds, and Charlie Sheen picks which bed he sleeps in. He is also delightfully insane. Check out the linked video for some fun tidbits about the rehab process. 

While we're on the subject, he started tweeting. I'm not entirely sure what he's talking about, but it still feels revealing. 

For just $260, you could own your very own paintball-shooting robot. 

Valparaiso is a city in Chile that has some of the craziest Andean hills you've ever seen. This guy strapped a camera on his head and rode a bicycle crazily down one. The internet brought it to you. 

And finally, which state is the birthplace of Mark Twain and set a record for having almost 2,000 meth lab busts in 2010? Why, Missouri!