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Position of the Day
  Hooksexup: The First Ten Years
From the editors of
Way back in the early days of the Internet, challenged the best writers and photographers of the generation to create work that was explicit in both senses of the word: honest and sexy. Now, ten years later, Hooksexup is renowned for its bold and intelligent publishing on sex. This stunning retrospective celebrates Hooksexup's impact on popular culture with its stimulating essays, interviews, fiction, and photography. Encased in an electric vinyl case, the book is provocative all the way through — with seductive photographs and contributions from celebrated writers such as Jonathan Lethem, Chuck Palahniuk and Em & Lo, on topics ranging from monogamy, to hand jobs, to the best (and worst) sex of a lifetime.

Position of the Day
  Position of the Day: Expert Edition
From the editors of
We've given half a million very satisfied customers four years to master the positions in the first two Position of the Day collections. Time to up the ante. For this expert edition, the inventive (and apparently fearless) minds at have conceived 365 sexual entwinements that defy gravity, flexibility, and, let's face it, logic. Wheelbarrows, banisters, logs, birdbaths, skateboards, a trapeze, and pretty much any prop you can imagine take on new meaning when put to use by two (or three or ten) illustrated figures. Readers will be thrilled to find so many new ways to interact with their partners. Get ready for memorable, if nearly impossible, sex for every day of the year. We say, game on!

Position of the Day
  Position of the Day 2009 Daily Calendar
From the editors of
Back for another year of illicit desktop fun, this daily calendar is sure to inspire all to a bit of sexual adventure.

As the Globe and Mail said: This Valentine's Day throw a little wrench — or rather a table, stool, bench or desk as it were — into the mix with this educational engagement calendar that proves there really aren't enough days in the year., as most libertines know, is a long-time hipster Web magazine devoted to all things sexy.

With easy-to-follow illustrations, memorable names — Rock Me Amadeus, The Nice Man at the Bus Stop (?!) — a list of equipment required and even amount of calories burned for each position, you'll never find yourself at a loss of what do after Law & Order again.

Position of the Day
  Position of the Day 2008 Engagement Calendar
From the editors of
Keep track of all your engagements, horizontal and otherwise, with this smart, adventurous calendar.

Position of the Day
  Smut Vol. 1
From the editors of
Finally, erotica you'll still respect in the morning. The first in a series of annual anthologies, Smut presents 22 pieces of's most talked-about fiction. More fearless, forthright, and provocative than typical "erotica" and less blockheadedly masculine than your standard "pornography," Smut collects clich้-shattering stories from some of today's most talented writers. In the hands of celebrated authors such as Robert Olen Butler, Aimee Bender, A. M. Holmes, Jay McInerney, and Alice Sebold, seductive entanglements become not only salaciously steamy, but finely wrought. It's literature of the highest order: intelligent, undeniably hot, and in a package to die for. Really, what more could a person ask for in bed?

Position of the Day
  Where's Dildo? And 99 Other Mind-Stimulating Puzzles
From the editors of
Giving new meaning to the joy of playing with oneself, Where's Dildo? puts an adult spin on 100 word games, visual puzzlers, and brainteasers that will all keep the mind (and body) turned on. Sexy word sudoku, naughty crosswords, X-rated word scrambles, kinky trivia quizzes, enticing mazes, racy picture finds, and more fun-for-one are divided into four levels of difficulty, from beginner to expert. The Wire-O package conveniently lays flat and travels discreetly. So, grab a pencil and get busy: long plane rides and evening commutes will never be the same.

Position of the Day
  Bad Sex: We Did It So You Don’t Have To
From the editors of
Bad Sex — Everyone's had it. But for some reason very few want to talk about it. Very few, that is, except the writers at They've had some pretty bad sex and they have no problem kissing and telling. The stories in this unprecedented collection feature the most hilarious, heartbreaking, cringe-worthy bad sex. We have chest-waxing gone awry; an unsavory attraction to a Frasier look-alike; hours-long hand jobs; Vienna sausages; and much, much more. The stories are at once frank, outrageous, funny, and intense. What Hooksexup has done here should really be considered a public service — they did it so we wouldn't have to.

Position of the Day
  Naughty Crosswords
From the editors of
Naughty Crosswords — These are definitely not your daily paper's crossword puzzles. Conceived by the devious minds at, these 50 puzzles test the old S.Q. (that's sexual quotient). What's a five-letter word for well endowed? In what country is oral sex illegal? Who was the first woman to expose a nipple on TV? Of course, not all the clues in Naughty Crosswords relate to sex. These puzzles test a wide range of knowledge, from geography (63 Across: One of the U.S. Virgin islands) to pop culture (47 Down: Twins who became legal on June 13, 2004) to politics (52 Across: Place where Bill and Hillary started screwing, presumably). Ok, so maybe they're mostly about sex. But that's what makes it so much fun! The Wire-O format makes it handy to write in no matter where you are. With four levels of difficulty and themes ranging from S&M to virginity, Naughty Crosswords revels in the fact that, when it comes to sex, no trivia is too trivial.

Position of the Day
  2033: The Future of Misbehavior
From the editors of
What is the future of sex? Some of the brightest minds writing today offer their predictions in this tantalizing anthology. Rick Moody considers the repornification of Times Square, Lisa Gabriele predicts 100 percent divorce rate, Ana Marie Cox sees the return of family values via tabloids, Jay McInerney examines female executive dominance, Walter Kirn discusses Madame President and the First Lady, and much more. With short stories, imaginative e-mail exchanges, mock memoranda, and other clever missives from 2033, the future of misbehavior has never looked so good.

Publishers Weekly raves, "Studded with contemporary lit luminaries like Rick Moody, with a proposal to return Times Square to its former salacious glory, and Jay McInerney, who predicts the rise of the matriarchy in executive culture, these speculative pieces often appear light and funny on the surface, but carry sharp satirical bite and an undercurrent of foreboding. ...Its look at modern excesses and insecurities proves entertaining, thought-provoking and darkly funny."

Position of the Day
  Sex Advice From...
Ever wondered if cowboys do it with their boots on? What music a record store clerk plays while going at it? What's really happening up there in the projection booth during the movie? Sex Advice From... bypasses the experts and hits the streets (and the farm, and the runway) for advice on the way we really do it. Featuring perfectly respectable photos of real people with interesting jobs - and even more interesting sex lives - this book collects interviews from more than 200 willing participants. Before sending their brave correspondents into the trenches, the editors at spent weeks locked inside the Hooksexup war room drawing up a comprehensive list of questions about all things sex - dirty talk, home movies, hygiene, foreplay, blowjobs, anal techniques, and threesomes, to name just a few. The correspondents then traveled far and wide in search of novel advice. They spoke to bloggers, tour guides, lifeguards, pool cleaners, sideshow performers, and ex-pats living all over the globe. The result? This chunky paperback chock-full of everything you ever wanted to know about sex but were too afraid to ask the salesman at your local car dealership.

Position of the Day
  Position of the Day Playbook: Sex Every Day in Every Way
Yes, yes, YES! It seems that readers do, in fact, want to have sex every day of the year. Picking up where its outrageously successful predecessor, um, got off is Position of the Day Playbook, featuring 366 erotic couplings packed into one chunky, inspiring, and hilarious compendium. Following the publication of Position of the Day, Hooksexup was bombarded with reader comments: Do any of the positions work better with equipment - say, a six-pack and a helmet? And, hey, do I still need to go to the gym if I'm regularly having sex upside down with my head on a chair and my feet wrapped around my lover's neck? Hooksexup has tried to address these concerns and others in this latest edition. A team of nimble, limber, and extremely attractive volunteers selflessly ventured to the laboratory for months of research - the results of those experiments are now available for only $12.95! Each sexual position comes with an estimated caloric expenditure (for each person involved), a list of possible side effects (leg cramp, lawsuit), and equipment recommendations (hanging bar, stethoscope, cowboy hat). And no workbook, ahem, playbook, would be complete without a followup section for comments and rating boxes for the reader to fill out.

Check out our Postcard Collection and the Daily Calendar, too!

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Position of the Day
  Hooksexup's Guide to Sex Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen
by Em & Lo
From cheek kiss to clean up, pick-up to break up, Hooksexup's second handbook will tell you when it's appropriate to joke about future kids with a lover, how often you should launder your sheets, when if ever you can kick out a one-night stand before sun up, what is considered appropriate orgy attire, etc. Em & Lo's modern rules of engagement are presented in the voice of manners doyennes from centuries past except they talk about oral sex and strap-ons.

click here to find out more about Hooksexup's Guide to Sex Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen

  Hooksexup Premium Gift Subscriptions
Give the gift that really does last all year: a subscription to Hooksexup Premium! With a gift subscription to Hooksexup Premium, your friend or loved one gets unbarred access to all of ? including uncensored photography, exclusive video, daring contests, and our one-of-a-kind crossword. Furthermore, they?ll get six years? worth of articles, essays, galleries, and fiction in the Hooksexup archives, available exclusively to Premium members. Sign up now and your friend will also get a subscription to Wired Magazine, plus Rolling Stone or Men?s Journal. It?s the perfect present for anyone who appreciates good writing and photography, or wants to support their own cultural revolution. Unwrap Hooksexup today!

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Position of the Day
  Position of the Day: Sex Every Day in Every Way
by Lorelei Sharkey and Emma Taylor
From one of Hooksexup's most popular features comes a wildly funny and surprisingly useful guide to creative sexual positions. From the "So Wrong It's Right" to the "Octopussy," the "Cirque de Soleil" to "The Private Dancer," there's a new idea for every day of the year - and we guarantee you'll be more flexible by the time you're through!

Check out our Postcard Collection and the Daily Calendar, too!

Take a look at past Positions of the Day!

The Big Bang
  The Big Bang: Hooksexup's Guide to the New Sexual Universe
by Em & Lo
From the hippest, smartest sex site on the web - if we do say so ourselves - comes the only sex manual you'll ever need...No, really. "This generation's smarter, funnier, and raunchier version of The Joy Of Sex." - Time Magazine "A hanky-panky how-to with a side order of full-color erotic photography. The nonjudgemental suggestions and detailed, illustrated directions illuminate rather than intimidate." - The Washington Post

Read excerpts and check out photos from The Big Bang!

The Naughty Bits
  The Naughty Bits: The Steamiest (And Most Scandalous) Sex Scenes from the World's Greatest Books
by Jack Murnighan
This infinitely entertaining look at the "naughty bits" of classic literature includes the sexiest pages ever written by over 70 great authors - including Hemingway, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Morrison, Updike, Plato, Vonnegut, and even The Bible. "The fan of erotica, the student of literature, and the aspiring sex worker will all relate to (Jack's) language, a strangely seamless mix of lit crit and potty talk." - Library Journal

Read Jack's introduction and look through the Naughty Bits archive!

Classic Nasty
  Classic Nasty: More Naughty Bits: A Rollicking Guide to Hot Sex in Great Books, from the Iliad to the Corrections
by Jack Murnighan
A new collection of the steamiest sex scenes from the greatest books of our time. From Homer to Kierkegaard, James Joyce to Judy Blume, Jack gets straight to the good parts - and gives you the literary education you never had in school.

Full Frontal Fiction
  Full Frontal Fiction: The Best of
by Jack Murnighan (Editor), Genevieve Field (Editor)
The most innovative and literary erotic fiction of our day has appeared on the web pages of Hooksexup, and this collection puts our very best at your fingertips. Includes 40 provocative pieces by such writers as Jay McInerney, A. M. Homes, Robert Olen Butler, Mary Gaitskill, and Elizabeth Wurtzel, and J.T. Leroy.

Read selections here, here, here, and here.

The Lisa Diaries
  The Lisa Diaries: Four Years in the Sex Life of Lisa Carver and Company
by Lisa Carver
Truth is sexier than fiction - and Lisa Carver's real-life diaries make up a red-hot memoir like no other. Funny, illuminating, and gut-wrenchingly honest, Lisa's weekly sexual exploits had Hooksexup readers hooked for 3 years; here's your chance to live through it all again.
Read the introduction to Lisa's diary and steal a glance at the entries!

Hooksexup/The New Nude
  Hooksexup: The New Nude
by Genevieve Field (Editor)
A bold dispatch from the cutting edge of nude photography, The New Nude contains 150 photographs of men and women, each sexy in a unique and powerful way. Perfect for the coffee table - even better for the bedroom. "If you're at all interested in the contemporary human body and sexuality, you'll be riveted by this collection of images." - Amazon

Find these photographers and more in Hooksexup's photo archive!

Literate Smut
  Hooksexup: Literate Smut
by Genevieve Field (Editor), Rufus Griscom (Editor)
Like a "Best Of" collection from Hooksexup's first year, the ever-popular Literate Smut book contains stories and essays by writers such as Norman Mailer, Sallie Tisdale, Rick Moody, Thom Jones, and Dr. Joycelyn Elders, as well as striking photographs by Andres Serrano, Richard Kern, Sylvia Plachy, and others. "What you find here are actual writers holding forth on subjects near and dear to their hearts, and other organs... And they do it without sacrificing lust and the promise of sexual possibility."- Slate

Read selections here, here, here and here.

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