Church of God Pastor Accused of Incredibly Dumb Stuff

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A pastor at the Church of God of Prophecy in Salt Lake City, Utah has been charged with exposing himself on the internet to– duh– a police officer he thought was an underage child.

This kind of thing isn’t even news anymore, really. Nor would we even want to talk about it if it was. But we caught something most people missed about this story… For one thing, the 67-year-old pastor is married. And, better yet, there’s this little gem of information, buried at the bottom of one of the few, brief articles on this case:

The 67-year-old was in a chat room when he asked the questions and exposed himself on a Web camera, according to a news release from the Utah Attorney General’s Office. This occurred several times, including once while he was using the Internet while visiting his wife in the hospital, the release said.

We don’t know what’s worse– that revelation or the part about sending dirty IM’s to children…

Via the Salt Lake Tribune.