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With the Olympics just around the corner, sex has been on the mind of many commentators due to the Zika risks in Rio. The last we heard about sex and olympians was when told they athletes to abstain because they thought sex could interfere with performance in competition.

In a recent study done in conjunction with Adam & Eve, the sex toy company, has set out to prove that theory wrong. They  found, in fact, sex might actually improve performance. Glamour has the story:

For the study, 21 male and female athletes tracked when they had sex (by themselves or with a partner) for three weeks. Researchers also kept tabs on how they did in speed, strength, and agility exercises.

“When it comes to sexual activity and athletic performance, it really is a case where an individual’s perception is the same as their reality,” Mike Young, Ph.D., the researcher who partnered with Adam & Eve on this project, said in a statement. “If they feel like participating in a sexual activity will improve their athletic performance, then it more than likely will and they should strategically seek out opportunities to be sexually active. Similarly, if an athlete feels like sexual activity impairs their athletic performance, then it probably will and they should avoid it at all costs.”

You heard it here first, people. It’s all about how you see it. We, of course, fall into the camp that thinks any excuse to get it on is good one.

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