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23 Obscure Dirty Words to Broaden Your Erotic Vocabulary

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Whether you’re composing an elaborate sext or simply trying to up your Scrabble game, here are nearly two dozen beautiful, unusual sex-related words that never came up in health class.

Anasyrma [noun, Greek]: The act of lifting a skirt to expose the buttocks or genitals.

Baculum [noun, Latin]: The bone found in the penis of many animals.

Callypigian [adjective, Greek]: Having attractive buttocks.

Cuckquean [noun, Old English]: The opposite of a cuckold — a woman with an unfaithful husband.

Concupiscence [noun, Latin]: Strong sexual desire.

Depucelate [verb, French]: To take someone’s virginity.

Ecdysiast [noun, Greek]: A stripper.

Houghmagandy [noun, Scottish]: Fornication.

Irrumatio [noun, Latin]: Forced fellatio, or “face fucking.”

Maschalagnia [noun, Greek]: A fetish for armpits.

Natiform [adjective, Latin]: In the shape of buttocks.

Nullipara [noun, Latin]: A woman who has never given birth.

Olisbos [noun, Greek]: A dildo.

Onanism [noun, Latin]: Masturbation.

Oscular [adjective, Latin]: Related to kissing.

Palliardise [noun, French]: Fornication.

Pompoir [noun, French]: The practice of stimulating the penis with the internal muscles of the vagina.

Priapic [adjective, Latin]: Phallic.

Retrocopulation [noun]: Doggy-style sex.

Satyriasis [noun, Greek]: A man’s excessive sexual desire.

Scortation [noun, Latin]: Fornication.

Steatopygous [adjective, Greek and Latin]: Having fat buttocks.

Troilism [noun, French]: A threesome in which one party is strictly an observer.

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