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Here Is Everything We Learned About Millennials This Week

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Every week, media comes just a little bit closer to cracking the mystery that is millennials: Who are they? What do they like? If you prick them, do they not bleed? Here is what we learned this week:

Millennials often contribute charitably.

Millennials believe in social causes.

Millennials are afraid of leaving voice messages.

Millennials would rather run obstacle courses than marathons.

Millennials dislike the NSA.

Millennials should make personal websites.

Millennials move out of their parents houses.

Millennials do not invest.

Millennials are bored with American Apparel.

Millennials are coming to an office near you.

Millennials trust Google more than they trust banks.

Millennials need constant validation.

Millennials prefer “walkable, urban places.”

Millennials feel guilty using their vacation days.

Millennials adapt to new realities.

Millennials enjoy being paid.

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