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Professional facepainter ( did not know such a thing existed) Natalie Sharp creates detailed face paint masks inspired by album covers. It beats that “Back Catalogue” Pink Floyd poster you had hanging in your dorm room.

Feminist porn director Erika Lust gives an epic TED talk on what needs to change about porn.

Yes, there is too much damn TV. 1,715 aired series in the last year, to be exact. Which explains why I still haven’t seen The Wire. I’m sorry, I know. I’ll help myself off that cliff, thank you.

Hey dudes! You there, street harassing. Here’s some new tips for you to do that more effectively.

Is it a problem that the price of legal weed is falling?

EJ Dickson used the new app Invisible Boyfriend just long enough to realize it wouldn’t recite the same monologue from Wayne’s World 2.

In what sexual position is it most likely that you will fracture your penis? More answers at 10.

Elizabeth Svoboda explains why we all share the insidious dream of being naked:

Sumber believes that some dreams clearly have universal qualities—not just because human brains have the same biological hardware for processing emotion, but because humans share a “symbolic life,” a set of common themes and motifs we use to convey our experience. “I believe there are archetypal dreams that reflect the human experience and the collective unconscious.”

Bjork fights the fear of a personal record and finally puts one out. Read this magnificent interview with her where she chokes up only four times.