This is How Much Time You’ve Spent Watching Your Favorite TV Shows

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Yes, How I Met Your Mother stole half a week from you.

Binge-watching a TV show — sitting on the couch in yesterday's clothes in a pile of your own chip dust while marathoning through an entire series — is so common now that it's practically an art form. With the average American spending up to five hours a day (what!) watching TV, it's safe to say that most of us are on a strict binge watch diet. Which is fine! As long as you take into account that Larry David has robbed you of one day and 16 hours of your life. The kind folks over at Nielsen have compiled this handy chart that will tell you just how much life time you are never getting back because Jenna Maroney was hiding in her dressing room but you still stuck through all seven seasons of 30 Rock anyway.

And if you can't find your favorite show on this chart, this website has an awesome tool that calculates how much time it takes to watch any popular show. Don't despair, TV is fun (unless you spent six hours watching 24, you have my sympathies.)

[h/t Nielsen Top Ten]

Image via Nielsen.