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LIFE Photographer Michael Rougier was interested in documenting a Japanese generation of revolt. Taken in 1964, the photos a punky mentality we might not associate with the time period. They even rocked out to a band called the Tokyo Beatles.

Do you two minutes to be charmed?

For a while in my life, I banned Bob Dylan. It wasn’t just the folk singer’s divisive croon, it was something else. Some other painful emotion attached to even poppy hits like “Lay Lady Lay.” They were sad songs. Writer Steve McPherson talks about the many years where “Hey Jude” was forbidden for his ears and how, eventually, he took a sad song and made it better.

Perhaps this is the best news you’ve heard all month. The following counselors will be returning to Camp Firewood this summer:

Married and single couples gathered together to ask one another the 36 love questions from the now infamous New York Times’ piece. The results are overwhelmingly positive:

I would say that going through this process serves more as an intensifier of any type of relationship, romantic or platonic. I mean, before I went through this experience there wasn’t a single person that knew the answer to every question involved with this exercise. Not my parents, not anyone I’ve been in a prior relationship with, not even my closest friends. When someone knows that much about you, especially on that intimate of a level, it’s only bound to bring you closer.

People have been having fun with nitrous oxide for more than 240 years. Here’s a story about hippie crack.

Hey all you Liz Lemons, this is why you should be a Leslie Knope.

Meet the singer-turned-vocal coach who specializes in helping transgender individuals adjust to their transition — and sound more like themselves.