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8 Adorable Pictures From Reddit’s Long-Distance Relationship Group

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Distance is just a number when you have Reddit.

Reddit has a sub-community (or, um, sub-Reddit) for just about everything, and two of the most touching are r/wemetonline and r/longdistance — support groups for people whose SO's are geographically unavailable. They're incredibly sincere support groups for people in difficult situations, and proof that not everyone on the internet is there to insult your band. Here are eight heartwarming pictures of devotion from the members of those groups. Your heart will grow three sizes this day — click the next image to advance. 

"We've been dating for two years. I recently moved from Columbia, SC to Beijing for work. She made this card by hand."

"Took a surprise trip nearly 4000km to see him, and we got these on our ring fingers!"

"Just outside our apartment. Never thought I'd ever get to say that."

"Here's my in-progress Christmas present (one of them, anyway) for my SO… The words are the song 'Calling You,' by Blue October, which is our song."

"My SO sent me his favorite childhood bear for my birthday."

"Been together since November. I'm in the U.S. and she's in Venezuela; she drew this picture of us together."

"We earned our skydiving licenses in different states… finally got to jump together this weekend!"

"Since she likes tulips but didn't want me to spend money on flowers, I sent her this a couple of days ago…"

"I painted a picture."