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Reddit’s Favorite Euphemisms for Sex Are Gross, Wonderful

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"Putting ranch in her Hidden Valley."

A particularly popular thread on Reddit last night invited users to share the best euphemisms for sex they've ever encountered. The results were as fantastic and horrifying as you'd expect — here are some of our favorite double entendres.

"Gland-to-gland combat."

"This kinda applies, but in fifth grade I got sent to the office for telling a girl, 'I wanna lift up your babushka and look at your yams.' No idea what I meant by it."

"Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!" [Ahem.]

"For female masturbation: DJing your own party."

"Horizontal hokey pokey."

"Playing cuntry on the clitar."

"Once had a girl tell me I could 'white-wash her guts anytime.' Did not take her up on her kind offer."

"Verbing the adjective noun."

"Let's go play in the box our kids came in."

"Putting ranch in her Hidden Valley."

"I've got to go home and feed the cat."

"Slytherin her Hufflepuff."

"Smashing pissers."

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