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Tools of Attraction: The First Day of Spring

Coming out of a New York winter is cause for celebration.

by Rachel Krantz

Kari, 26

Cute dress!
Thanks, I actually just bought it on my way to work this morning. I was wearing a totally different outfit, a raincoat. I was overdressed. So when I was walking to work, I passed by Forever 21, saw this dress in the window, bought it, and put it on.

Are there any outfits at home you’ve been saving for spring?
Well, I gained some weight since last summer so I have some dresses I’m going to make into tops. I just bought a sewing machine. My ass has gotten bigger, so I’ll make them into crop tops.

So do you work in fashion?
No, I used to. I work at a law firm now. 

How have you had to adjust your style for the new job?
Well, I still don’t wear a bra to work. But I wear blazers now.

Why no bras?
They’re just uncomfortable. I find them unnecessary. 

Do people at work care? 
When I started there, I found out they referred to me as “the girl who doesn’t wear a bra.” But I guess now, they’re not so shocked by it. It’s a pretty conservative environment, but I refuse to dress that way.

So what would you wear on a date?
Something breezy, something that flows. I really like silk and chiffon. Lace. Layering different colors. 

Any spring trends that are a no-go?
Cut-off shorts. I still see them everywhere. It’s really annoying. I don’t like them.

Any dealbreakers when it comes to what your date’s wearing?
Yea, I don’t like men in flip-flops. Board shorts. Khakis. Anything with big pockets.

Wow, that was a quick answer.
Yeah, I’ve thought about this a lot. I just steer clear of guys who show their feet in public. 

Commentarium (31 Comments)

Mar 23 12 - 9:35am

So it's true...NYC really is full of annoying hipsters.

Mar 23 12 - 10:59am

You know, BM (nice name), the fact that Hooksexup choses to interview people in broad daylight sitting in Union Square probably has something to do with it, e.g., people who are underemployed.

Mar 23 12 - 11:10am
Alex Heigl

Or people who work at law firms, as in the first girl interviewed.

Mar 23 12 - 11:58am

Hipster Jesus loved you before it was cool

Mar 23 12 - 9:47am
Saratoga Slim

So it's should never wear flip-flops.

Mar 23 12 - 12:49pm
Groovy Grubworm

Women show off their feet because they maintain them to be shown off. Men might as well be wearing buttless pants so we can see their hairy unkempt rear.

Mar 23 12 - 3:33pm
Alex Heigl

Prince wears assless pants, and his rear is the very definition of kempt.

Mar 24 12 - 12:18am

'women get to wear sandals because they maintain their feet' is one of the most hilariously absurd things i've ever heard. you should really pepsi-challenge that with some guys who 'just' wash their feet and keep decently trimmed nails wearing flipflops and some some guys who get pedicures without the polish wearing flipflops and see how you like it.

Mar 23 12 - 11:41am

Good idea, bad group of people. Freaking hipsters, man....I've had enough of these judgmental asses.

Mar 23 12 - 11:45am

Hilariously, that comment is way more judgmental than anything in this article.

Mar 23 12 - 1:43pm

The term hipster has gotten such a weird negative connotation the last few years. Granted, every generic group has its annoyances, but hipster has basically become synonymous with anyone that's a little artsy, or dresses a little differently. I'm not so sure what's wrong with that.

And the weird thing is, most people that vehemently deny they are hipsters are thought of as the most hipster-ish by the rest of us (That said, I'm definitely not a hipster...but that's mostly because I have a wife, two kids, and I don't think I have the free time to be a hipster, otherwise I might enjoy it).

Apr 05 12 - 3:38pm

Thank you sir.

Mar 23 12 - 12:47pm

I kept waiting for some real adults to pop up in this. Besides the first girl, I pretty much tuned everyone out.

Mar 23 12 - 3:52pm

Lizzy seems to give a great deal of thought and planning to superficiality

Mar 23 12 - 10:51pm

She's 20, what else would she be doing - organizing her stock portfolio?

Mar 23 12 - 5:19pm
sguatio become

I'm a male, and I wear shorts whenever I'm warm. Which is generally March through late October, more of less. If anyone doesn't like that, tough fucking shit.

Mar 24 12 - 12:12am

unfortunately i identify most with the frumpy mom in the background of photo #1! Ugh.

Mar 24 12 - 3:58pm

BOOTIE shorts? Bootie? No, it's booty.

Mar 24 12 - 6:01pm

That last group of girls, holy crap. Do any of them own a full-length mirror? I don't think any girl has the standing to critique some guy's cargo shorts when she's wearing mom jeans or a onesie that looks like it was made in a Sewing for Dummies class at Joann Fabrics. Here's a tip: If it looks iffy on a 5 foot 10 model, then it'll definitely look like crap if you're 5 foot 2 with a potato face.

Mar 25 12 - 3:56pm

(but true)

Mar 24 12 - 11:56pm

I don't understand the "men can't wear shorts or sandals thing." It comes up over and over on tools of attraction. We definitely don't feel that way in Seattle. It's funny though, because my boyfriend also feels that way, and refuses to wear shorts, which is too bad because he's got great legs. Anyway, my point is, the east coast is really a strange land. Also, all these girls are adorable, but is it just me or are their faces really East Coast looking? Is there an East Coast face look? From the NY tools of attraction, I'd say there is.

Mar 25 12 - 1:37am

I wear shorts when at the beach or poolside.

Stupid country bumpkins or yobs or thugs can dress as they like.

Mar 25 12 - 9:13am

Is NO ONE gonna mention that Kari is really cute?

Mar 25 12 - 1:13pm

I thought the same thing. Only I'd up the praise to gorgeous!

Mar 26 12 - 10:06am

thanks :)

Mar 26 12 - 5:59pm

I want to taste here menstrual blood, that's how cute she is.

Mar 25 12 - 6:53pm

Wow, so I am late in saying this but it is straight up hilarious how many people commented to say "Fuck these judgmental hipsters -- I don't like the way they're dressed, don't think they look cool, and thus strongly dislike them as people!" You guys are too much!

Mar 26 12 - 10:15am
potsoi and

hipsters, judge thyselves.

Mar 26 12 - 8:29pm

I wish Hooksexup commenters were all in the same room at the same time. You guys are funny, man.

Mar 27 12 - 3:03pm

Funny, but the one thing they miss is a pair of pretty pampered feet. It's the only sexualized body part that women can put on regular display in the heat.

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