DC Comics reveals its newly gay “established” superhero

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DC has teased for a little while now that one of its "established" heroes — one which made it through the recent reboot of the company's major catalog — would come out as gay. (Most people assumed Aquaman. That sounds like a joke, but seriously, every discussion I heard/read about this leaned towards Aquaman.) And the lucky übermensch is… Green Lantern! Specifically, the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott; he used to dress like a Christmas magician and got his power not from the Green Lantern Corps (like the other Green Lanterns you know), but from a force called the Starheart. Kinda gay, dude.

I will not explain to you how he eventually gets connected to the better-known origin story of GLs, because is it insane. But suffice it to say that he does, and now he's been reinvented as a young hotshot destined to become the Green Lantern, and he's into other men:

The usual suspects, of course, are upset about this development. One Million Moms — the group that keeps getting trolled by JCPenny with gay couples in their ads — had this hilariously ignorant thing to say about the news, even before the character was identified:

Children desire to be just like superheroes. Children mimic superhero actions and even dress up in costumes to resemble these characters as much as possible. Can you imagine little boys saying, "I want a boyfriend or husband like X-Men?"

No, OMM, I can't. Because a little boy (or girl!) would know that A) The X-Men are not in the DC universe, and B) The X-Men are not one person. Hate all you want, since in the end you'll lose, but please, at least do a little research. Because that's just sad.

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