“God Hates Macs” — Westboro Baptist Church to picket Steve Jobs’ funeral

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Margie Phelps of the WBC tweets her plans from an iPhone

Sweet irony, thy name is Margie Phelps. Shortly after hearing of the death of Steve Jobs, Westboro Baptist Church leader Margie Phelps announced plans for her church to picket the funeral of the late technology magnate. (This announcement came, oddly enough, from Phelps' iPhone.)

Quick primer: the Westboro Baptist Church is an organization known specifically for their extreme stance against homosexuality. They single-handedly popularized the slur "God Hates Fags," to the point where they use the phrase as their web address. 

Even so, they've been known to step out of their comfort zone to picket funerals of people like Michael Jackson, Isaac Hayes, and Ronnie James Dio (the Holy Diver!), simply for not living for God and for promoting sin, specifically in the form of hit records and singles.

Now Steven P. Jobs will be the next to receive the same treatment. I just hope Ms. Phelps has the decency to switch to Droid after this.