“Goddess” Bree Olson says she wanted sex “19 times a day”

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Poor Charlie Sheen. Losing a goddess would be tough on anyone. But when you're trying to maintain a reputation as a "winner," it cannot look good to have said goddess bail on you because, sexually, you're only a "two-a-day kind of guy." Still, not too shabby for a forty-five-year-old drug addict.

Ex-porn star Bree Olson (she says she's trying to go mainstream) told The Sun that her sex drive was just too much for Sheen, tiger blood or not. She said, "I can just about get by on one-a-day — but would be happier having it nineteen times a day." Who would have imagined that little Rachel Oberlin from Indiana would grow up to be such a sexual dynamo, appearing with a scary-looking tiger (hopefully taxidermied) on the August 2011 cover of Playboy?

Olson tells Playboy that "I'm as horny as a dude but in a cute chick's body." She does praise Sheen's cocksmanship, but really, who's going to keep up with her? Another reason Olson may have fled Sheen's "Sober Valley Lodge" could be jealousy over the other "goddess," ex-nanny Natalie Kenly, and their famous sleeping arrangements. It sounded like one big game of musical beds, but I think this quote by Olson is revealing:

"There were two threesomes during our time living in the house together. Charlie initiated them. I would have initiated more but Natty's just not that hot."

"Just not that hot." Ouch. So competing for affection with someone she felt was out of her league, plus the circus that was the My Violent Torpedo of Truth/ Defeat Is Not an Option tour, apparently wore her down. We all wish her well as she tries to become the next Sasha Grey, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she's going to wind up in the ghetto of cougar babysitting porn.