Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams’ drama “Blue Valentine” gets an NC-17 rating

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In somewhat surprising news, Derek Cianfrance's Blue Valentine, which stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as a young couple trying to keep their crumbling relationship intact, has been given an NC-17 rating. (Hot on the heels of the stupid rating's unfortunate twentieth birthday earlier this week!)

To give you an idea of what the MPAA is saving our nation's youth from, I present the shocking trailer for the film:

Nothing says "no one under seventeen should see this" like a mix CD of lo-fi emo songs. Which is probably why the news was greeted with such disbelief, as many critics thought the movie (which was shown at Cannes) was powerful and that both Gosling and Williams gave incredible performances. So what was the actual reasoning? Deadline has the details:

…a scene in which the characters played by Gosling and Williams try to save their crumbling marriage by spending a night away in a hotel. They get drunk and their problems intensify when he wants to have sex and she doesn't, but will to get him off her back. That hurts his pride and the result is an upsetting scene that makes you squirm, but is an honest one… There is barely any nudity in the scene

Some are saying this will actually help the film drum up some buzz, and that the ruling will be appealed by Harvey Weinstein before it can seriously hurt its Oscar chances. As one blogger pointed out, though: The Human Centipede got an R.