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    Dating advice...

    Ashley, 20

    My professor and I hit it off in tutorials. We're both consenting adults and only eight years apart in age. Would a little extracurricular activity really hurt anyone?
    I think our society fetishizes the student-teacher situation. It's not necessarily as taboo as some people might think it is. If it's a college environment, I don't think it's a big deal.

    What's sexier: photographing someone naked or painting them naked?
    Painting is definitely a little more sensual, but if you see anyone working in the medium they're most passionate about, it's a huge turn on.

    After I've come all over a girl, what's the proper etiquette? Towel her off myself, or let her do it?
    Let her do it. You getting involved makes it messier than it needs to be.

    How can I seduce an art student?
    As art students we don't really have much time to even have a sex life. There's this Facebook group called "I don't need sex because RISD fucks me every day." We don't really want to be bothered with the whole wooing party. Just be as straight up as possible.

    There's a guy that I like, but he's in the hipster crowd while I'm not. How do I bridge the gap?
    If that's even an issue, I think then there are other underlying issues. Like, you want to be part of the scene more than you want to be in a relationship with that person.

    My boyfriend and I are thinking about moving in together. We've been together for a year and have a stable relationship, but the main reason we'd do this would be to save money on rent. Does this make it a bad idea?
    Fuck yeah, that makes it a bad idea. When two people move in with each other early on in the relationship it always seems to end badly. Find someone else to move in with you. You don't necessarily need to move in with your significant other.

    Using art supplies during sex: lots of fun or not worth the mess?
    Gouache paint! I've been trying to bring it into mine and my boyfriend's sex life, but he thinks it's not worth the mess. Gouache is like a really thick watercolor, and I'm obsessed with it for some reason.

    I have a cheerleader fetish. Should I buy my girlfriend a cheerleader's uniform for some roleplay, or is that too creepy?
    That's not creepy at all. I wish my boyfriend bought me weird outfits to wear.

    Commentarium (2 Comments)

    Aug 22 08 - 12:06am

    Proper etiquette after cumming on someone is to slowly lick it off, taking time to both tease and please them with your tongue. Then it's time to take a shower together.

    Aug 21 08 - 4:28pm

    I think we all need to live with an "Ashley, 20" at some point. Preferably now.