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A Live Action "Family Guy" Movie? But Who Would Play Stewie?


Family Guy movie?  It's happening.  But, it seems show creator Seth McFarlane plans to give the movie a little live action spin....

Seth McFarlane: We've been trying to lock into something that makes it so that it has to be a movie, as opposed to an extended Family Guy episode...

Film Drunk: Are you hinting at some live action?

Seth McFarlane: Possibly, possibly. Here and there.  It will not be a 90-minute Family Guy episode. (Killer Film)

We're just going to put it out there: we think George Wentz should play Peter.  But the question is, if the Family Guy characters were live action how would they pull off Stewie?  Would it just be an updated version of Bruce Willis in Look Who's Talking?  Granted, these days the technology is more updated -- a live action Stewie would probably be more similar to those E*Trade babies.  Yikes.

Follow up question: other than Who Framed Roger Rabbit? how many popular cartoons have successfully integrated live action?  Will it work?  Or will it just end up looking like Cool World?  We're a little skeptical, but we're willing to reserve judgement and let Seth McFarlane do his thing. 


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