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The Los Angeles Public Library has just opened an exhibit celebrating LA’s vibrant music scene from 1978 to 1989. In case you thought bands only came from New York.

Legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb, who has lived in France for the past 25 years, comments on the Charlie Hebdo massacre and why he chose to draw a comic about it:

I thought, “OK, I’m the Cowardly Cartoonist…As a Cowardly Cartoonist, I can’t make some glib comment like that, you know? I have to, like, make fun of myself.  So instead of drawing the face of Muhammed [laughs], I drew the ass of Muhammed.

One of my favorite music critics (and maybe one of yours, too) Sasha Frere-Jones is leaving The New Yorker to go annotate lyrics at Genius. If you feel a little empty inside, I suggest writing a tune about it. Genius may then annotate it.

Vocalist Merrill Garbus talks her new album, her band Tune-Yards, and why if you stay in the music business long enough, eventually you will let everybody down.

Anita Ekberg, who we have to thank for cinema’s most iconic scene: the Trevi Fountain romp in La Dolce Vita, has passed away at age 83. In her memory, why not watch it on repeat?

America has enough problems breeding legitimate journalists, so it’s deeply upsetting when a blue-blooded authentic reporter is being needled for her investigation. Why is The Intercept trolling Sarah Koenig and the creators of Serial? Let’s take a look.

Why do men and women get jealous about completely different things in relationships? Evolutionary science attempts to provide an answer.