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Photographer Danielle Sawyer Schaefer created a photographic paean to Martin Luther King filled with poignant, stirring coverage of today’s nonviolent resistance movement.

Yes, we can wait another 15 years for a D’Angelo record. Adam Schatz of Landlady explains his incredible New Year’s resolution — respecting the humanity of artists:

“We recognize greatness when it hits us, and while that certainly pulls out honest appreciation, it in fact distances us from perceiving the creators as human, on the same level as us at the core. For if we truly could see that the eyes of the entertainer have the same composition as the eyes of ourselves, we would not judge the way we do, and we would not expect the way we expect. I assume, anyway.”

To fall out of love, ask these 36 questions to your current partner, including: “What would constitute a “perfect” day for you? Why do we always just go home and watch Netflix instead of doing any of that stuff?”

Embrace the delayed train, sit through the lecture on semiotics, dare to attend your mother’s knitting circle. Boredom might be an evolutionary kickback that reminds us to give our brains enough gas to make up for the high cost of upkeep.

Here’s the first listen of Dylan doing Sinatra. That is, um, covering his 1964 track “Stay with Me.”