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New York based photographer Kathy Shorr didn’t set out to make a statement when she created her series of best friend portraits. But then all the BFFs she photographed started to look the same.

Here are all the reasons being in your 20s is better than being in your 30s, chief among them your soft, supple skin and the fact that you can walk into parties with your vital, youthful body.

93% of all women identify as giraffes, according to a recent study. Macauley Culkin is actually dead. How do you sift through the bullshit? Well, Facebook now has a button that will let you report news stories as a hoax.

This is the science behind first impressions.

Is pot the next battleground for a culture war? It is when original stoners are being weeded out of the industry.

Enter the museum of the future — the recently reopened Cooper Hewitt design museum at the Smithsonian allows every guest to walk in with a magical pen.

Daniel McCoy leaves the safety of his suburban California neighborhood for a reckless road trip to San Francisco, where a 1967 Blood, Sweat, and Tears concert awaited him.

Listen to St. Vincent’s badass brand new song “Bad Believer.” It will pump you through all the work on your to-do list.

From the ladies of Refinery29, comes the state of our union.