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Photographer Matthew Swarts knows how to process a breakup. In his two new series, Beth and The Alternatives, he manipulates old photos of his girlfriend and new portraits of his current girlfriend to explore the challenges of grieving and forging new bonds. “I like having multiple levels of perceptual awareness because those multiple views mirror the alternatives in reality,” he tells WIRED. “Or in other words, I’m using these digital tools and photography to reconstruct my consciousness.”

A 21-year-old woman goes on her first ever Seeking Arrangement date. What’s life like for a Sugar Baby? A whole lot more awkward and a lot less cash-heavy than she thought.

The thing about Netflix’s killer algorithm is that it’s actually run by a human. Because judgement always come out on top of numbers.

These are the kinkiest cities in the United States.

Yes, Orthodox Jewish feminist sex gurus exist. Bat Sheva Marcus spoke to MSNBC about her work and explained:

“We as a society are not great at saying to women, ‘You can go for pleasure, you can accept your body, you can love yourself, you can feel good, you can ask for what you need,” Marcus said. “I [tell women], we can really make your sex life better, but you have to be willing to own it.”

The more depressed you are, the more likely you are to bingewatch TV. Well, duh.