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Woodstock 69433-31a

Santa Fe-based photographer Baron Wolman has compiled over 75 black-and-white photographs of his infamous three days in August 1969 at the Woodstock Festival for his new book. He tells Feature Shoot that what he misses most about that time in his life was the pervasive sense of hope and possibility that filled the air.

These are all the women who were too busy to guest-host The Late Late Show. Which is why you are stuck with John Mayer.

In his new one-hour special Half Like Me, Al Madrigal, The Daily Show‘s Senior Latino Correspondent explores the confusing position of being half white and half Mexican. It looks incredible.

There are 23 Hollywood moms with the same sperm donor.

You need to read this. Mariya Karimjee published a heart-wrenching, soul-shattering account of her life and sexuality after being genitally mutilated at age 7:

A girl down the street that I’d grown up playing with had her bug removed, my grandmother told me. She was also seven, a few months older than me, and after she came home from the “operation” she felt so good that she was able to jump up and down on her bed. It was a story my grandmother told with gusto, and it made me itchy all over. I wanted this to be over and done with, to jump on a bed in unabated joy afterwards. Be gone bug, I whispered on the night before my operation.

In case you were sitting on the edge of your seat: Adnan Syed’s appeal process has been denied in court. The Serial murder may see no closure.