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I can’t get these super realistic sculptures of artists out of my dreams. Kazuhiro Tsuji, a Hollywood special effects makeup artist, has brought verisimilitude to a whole new level.

Our favorite poem of existential woe, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, turns 100 this year. We’ll enjoy it again like a patient etherized upon a table.

Alabama is arming kids with canned goods against school shooters. Oh, Alabama!

Have you ever wanted to see a pop-up book about burlesque? Now you can. 

The long awaited album by Panda Bear has finally arrived. The musician tells Pitchfork why Lisbon is the best city in the world.

Alan Hanson generously details the time when a break up got so bad, he was committed to a psych ward:

I’d just spent a summer instigating, enduring, and thusly regretting the hardest breakup I’ve ever experienced, while simultaneously hitting the peak of my depression. This — the breakup — also spurred a rapid and stressful move, as we were sharing a happy home in Harlem when I yanked the rug from beneath us. What happened?