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Samantha Brick is an English journalist-lady who writes for the Daily Mail. She is also, if you believe her latest editorial, some kind of siren-goddess who's regularly showered with gifts like flowers, champagne, and other things that settlers might've used to swindle some indigenous tribe out of their island.

But it's made her sad, because "the sisterhood" (yes, she actually uses that word) has ostracized her, slamming both literal and metaphorical doors in her face because of her beauty. (Again, I am not making that  up). 

"While I'm no Elle Macpherson, I'm tall, slim, blonde and, so I'm often told, a good-looking woman. I know how lucky I am. But there are downsides to being pretty — the main one being that other women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks."

So, yeah. Brick goes on to describe the veritable shitstorm of abuse she's weathered in the face of being good-looking: women have defriended her, "insecure bosses" have actively stopped her from rising at work, and "most poignantly of all, not one girlfriend has ever asked [her] to be [a] bridesmaid." Sad face.

And so it goes. The distressing thing is that I cannot tell if Brick is actively trolling, or if this is the way the world works — older English women who are 6.5's at best are literally showered with gifts because of their slightly-above-average looks — and that she's really sad about it. If the first is the case, great job. High-quality trolling. If not, she seriously wrote a whole column basically asking the internet to call her ugly, which is the kind of self-loathing behavior that typically only Hooksexup staffers bask in. (The alternate assumption is that she wants other beautiful pariahs from around the world will hear her clarion call and rise up in solidarity, which is somehow less plausible.)

Then again, I often have bricks thrown at my head over male jealousy of my sculpted buttocks, and not fucking once have I been asked to be a bridesmaid, so I identify with Brick more than any of you non-handsomes (we call you "no-handos," which I admit needs work) down there in the muck know. Haters are going to hate, Alex, I'm often forced to tell myself, while fighting to keep my tears from falling into my ambrosia.

Commentarium (30 Comments)

Apr 03 12 - 4:57pm

im not hating on those teeth

Apr 03 12 - 5:48pm

she keeps getting shot down because she is an arrogant, delusional flap-dragon.

Apr 03 12 - 5:56pm

On behalf of all women: not jealous.

Apr 03 12 - 8:00pm


Apr 04 12 - 2:39pm
Alex Heigl

Yes. As in, "older" than the majority of women being showered with gifts because of their looks, not "older" as in "41 is soooooo old OMG LOL what's a floppy disk?" Sorry if I've offended you.

Apr 04 12 - 5:05pm

Hi Alex. I like your writing and enjoy your articles.

I'm also, however, going to comment on your above comment because I can tell you for sure, as a woman in her 40's, that as long as you still remain attractive, age doesn't seem to matter much to a lot of men. While I do look younger, I don't look like I'm in my 20's and yet I still get A LOT of attention, from men of all ages.

Frankly, I found it a bit surprising because I too bought into the myth that these things stop when you're over 35 or so but it's a fact that I get offered free things and chased down the street even in my 40's.

So I guess what I'm saying is that if you're a very attractive woman in good shape even if you don't look like you're in your 20's, you can still be showered with attention and gifts.

My point is that

Apr 04 12 - 5:06pm

Oops, sorry, meant to erase that last partial sentence!

Apr 04 12 - 5:16pm

One last thing: This woman very clearly has lots of other problems because I know many extremely attractive women who have great female friendships. I find it surprising that someone who is at best pleasant-looking wrote this article. I'm sorry but if Cindy Crawford and her ilk can have great female friendships then this woman should have no problem...

...except of course for the fact that healthy, loving friendships are not based on looks, and I'm sure that it's your inner qualities, Ms Brick, that are causing your problems.

Apr 03 12 - 8:08pm

april fools?

Apr 03 12 - 8:46pm

It's frustrating that the seemingly "natural" response to this woman's article is for the Hooksexup writer to insinuate how ridiculous it is that someone might find this woman attractive and that at some point, that may have been disadvantageous to her friendships and career. While Ms. Brick may not be a super model, this attitude is the perpetuation of what she's talking evaluating her story, there's more emphasis put on her appearance than the actual message she's trying to communicate.

Apr 03 12 - 8:55pm

thank you. It needed to be said. My first thought was, "her? she's not really all that attractive." and then I hated myself for being a bad feminist. Obviously women don't like her because she is full of herself and the kind of person who would write a whole article about how she is better than the rest of us.

Apr 03 12 - 9:04pm

If one feels that all she has to offer in this world is her looks we ought to pity her, not tear her down. Being objectified is no vacation, but others tend to overlook it out of jealousy.

Apr 03 12 - 9:31pm

Well, yes. But that's because that's what her argument was about. When you listen to her complain about the ways she has been punished for her good looks, and then you see her looks... she comes off as a bit delusional, and misguided. I have no doubts that she has many men that find her attractive, but she is not at the level of physical beauty that prevents women from being close friends with you or give you a raise.

If her article had been about AIDS in Africa and we were all here picking apart her facial symmetry that would be one thing. Her article was about how hot she is; she made that the discussion topic.

Apr 03 12 - 9:45pm

Man, after reading her follow-up article--she is a mess. She wrote "no one in this world is more reviled than a pretty woman," and claimed, essentially, that no movie or pop icon has ever acknowledged her beauty in public for fear of public reprisal, both of which are outrageously bullshit. Hell, even if she was just saying that being classically beautiful, white, thin, etc was the hardest thing any woman has had to face, I would think she was delusional. The fact that her self-image seems so grossly inflated only seems to bolster that idea.

(On a completely different note, British guys are fucking awesome at courting, apparently. My prettiest friend has won for her troubles a few free drinks at Starbucks, countless cat-calls, and one guy whipping his dick out at her on the street.)

Apr 05 12 - 8:04am
Luke, reprici

"and then I hated myself for being a bad feminist. "

What the fuck does being feminist have to do with anything? The whole point of her article was to discuss the superficial, in this case her appearance, therefore it's only natural to discuss just that. And boy she has a very inflated view of herself.

Apr 03 12 - 10:05pm

People who are widely hated by a large segment of the population share one thing in common, and it's not beauty; it's BAD SOCIAL SKILLS. Whether or not Samantha Brick is beautiful is a totally subjective question, and not really relevant here. The point is, there are plenty of beautiful women who are not hated by Every Single Other Woman on Earth. There is clearly something in Samantha's PERSONALITY that is lacking, if the entire gender lashes out at her as viciously as she describes.

Apr 04 12 - 12:20am

Heavy sarcasm. Gotta be.

Apr 04 12 - 7:54am

Lol. I miss Arrested Development.

Apr 04 12 - 9:32am
Johnny Utah

Thank you! I almost missed the AD reference, one of my favorite bits from that show.

Apr 04 12 - 1:45pm

It's as Ann as the nose on Plain's face.

Apr 04 12 - 9:58am

Pretty, maybe the third prettiest on the block, considering the block. Not pretty enough to be a hostess or a stewardess though. F.O.the C.

Apr 04 12 - 9:59am

Why are her eyes so far apart?

Apr 04 12 - 12:28pm

I have a friend who, in my opinion, is way more beatiful than this woman. I'm not jealous of her, when talking about her I usually mention that she's one of my most beautiful friends. And herself has many girlfriends, she's well liked, a nice person. So I'm thinking that this "hate" is not about her looks but her attitude towards people.

Apr 04 12 - 12:47pm
Have ya

Have you ever been to a job interview and when you come out the next person up is sitting there? 100% of the time if it's a hot chick your chances of getting the job are 0%.

Apr 04 12 - 5:24pm

I haven't been in that situation (and it has been some years since my last job interview) but that wouldn't make me hate the "hot chick". Unless I knew that she was not capable to do the job and that she was hired just because her hotness (and if that were the case it would only make me hate the perdon doing the hiring), I couldn't not judged her based only on her looks.

Apr 04 12 - 9:18pm

I think the whole thing is a put-on. But to further the "older" conversation, all of my female friends are right around 40, stunning, and get chased down pretty frequently. The whole "oh poor poor older women" thing is a lie.

Apr 05 12 - 10:30pm

Well, Alex, you probably aren't the one to judge since you're a 9.5.

Apr 06 12 - 10:59am
Alex Heigl

Actually, you'd need to ingest a potent cocktail of psychotropic drugs to even comprehend how far beyond "10" my beauty lies on a numerical scale.

There are worlds beyond this one, ABC. Take my hand and fly with me.

Apr 06 12 - 4:12pm

Nah, sorry. I wanted to see a movie later.

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