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Nicki Minaj Super Bass

In my mind, God-inspired abstinence is like doing coke in the bathroom at the company Christmas party: I don't think it's wise, but hey, live your dreams. But if you choose to do it, please, please don't put on a wig and starting rapping about it in front of everyone. The result can be an awkward reprimand on Monday morning, potential unemployment, or, in the case of these plucky musical virgins, a video, entitled "Super Grace." 

The video comes from Skit Night 2011, an annual talent show at a swanky bar in lower Manhattan (kidding! it was at the University of Florida), and surfaced on the internet this morning. It chronicles the struggles of a young girl in a turquoise wig, who's got something of a crush, but also wants to wait to have sex until God and marriage say it's right. The pre-roll text says "Based on 'Super Bass' and the Bible." 

The Bible says lots of stuff, so I won't quibble there, but "Super Bass?" Have you seen that video? "Super Bass" might be about a girl with a crush, but Nicki's pink-leopard-clad ass does things to that motorbike made of ice that indicate a thoroughly carnal set of intentions. 

Maybe that's the point — some sort of virginified re-appropriation. I don't know. I do know it's awkward as hell:

Sorry about that. But, if you made this far, there is one upshot to this entire thing. Did everyone know about Christian Nightmares? There is an entire Tumblr devoted to this sort of thing. And it is marvelous.

Commentarium (6 Comments)

Jan 06 12 - 5:26pm

Did I just get saved?

Jan 07 12 - 1:53pm

lmfao the blonde chick on the left in the front pew was freestyling. shes looking for some shine and the thirst is alive !

Jan 08 12 - 11:25pm
A User

Both videos are utterly ludicrous in terms of message (one pointless greed, the other pointless abstinence), and the Christian one strives for home movie production values and doesn't get there. But musically? I'd rate them equal, or even tip my hat to the Christian "amateurs". Wonderful voices and delivery, at least equal to the original.

Jan 10 12 - 2:55am

Abstinence is " not wise?" Well, let me see: unwanted pregnancies, unnecessary abortions, emotional and psychological problems, and STDs are the result of your brand of "wisdom," but "hey, live your dreams."

Jan 14 12 - 8:02pm
Nonreligious pov

It actually wouldn't be that bad if she sang better, or was on beat or something. Maybe a little more 'im actually enjoying this' attitude? Im not religious, and a huge Nicki Minaj fan, but its kinda cool to see these people trying to take the 'cool' music and tweak it to fit their morals.

Mar 02 12 - 1:57am

I think this video is actually one of the strangest things I have seen on the internet...