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    Animals — They're Just Like Us

    Ten critters thinking dirty thoughts.
    By Rachel Shukert

    In honor of the Discovery Channel's Life, we speculate about the love lives of animals. Actually, we've never watched Life. We've just wanted to do this for a while.

    All Lorraine had ever wanted was to give pleasure to her partner.

    It wasn’t that Stuart was reluctant to “dive in,” so to speak, it’s just that he didn’t expect it to smell so earthy.

    Beth-Ann the African Buffalo suddenly remembered why she’d stopped going out with high-school boys after sophomore year.

    Try as he might to keep a good face on things, Arthur had begun to fear he would never make the leap into mainstream film.

    Not for the first time, Neil wondered: if he hadn’t been born a squirrel, would he have to listen to quite so many bad puns about his “nuts”?

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    Commentarium (3 Comments)

    Apr 05 10 - 12:28pm

    Points for The Mighty Boosh pic!

    Apr 05 10 - 1:30pm

    the mighty boosh! very good

    Apr 06 10 - 11:47am

    WTF? Since when did ostriches have teeth??