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    boobaerobicsThe GymBox is a London, UK fitness facility that hosts classes on how to dance at raves, cage fighting, parkour, stiletto workouts and something called "hair re-growth kickboxing." They even have a program called the Lady Gaga Dance, which we imagine is about eight seconds long: "Just do what Madonna did in '86, but do it while looking really coked-out."

    Of course, the real draw is the boobs.

    The owner, Richard Hilton, explains in a new interview:

    Hilton says his staff asked, "Wouldn't it be great to create a class that would help women increase the size of their breasts?", which is why he started offering the program. "We never expected it to work, but after the eight-week course, 80 percent were saying that their bust had increased. It worked."

    Which sounds unlikely, and Hilton's as perplexed as we are: "To this day, we still don't know how."

    That isn't even close to the weirdest thing in this gym, described as a cross between a dance club and a workout room. There's also what Hilton calls a

    "human weight machine", which involved using, yes, little people as weights, labeled according to how many kilograms they tipped on the scale and shouting encouragement to the person lifting them. [Asylum]


    Commentarium (4 Comments)

    Mar 25 10 - 10:27am

    Why doesn't 24 Hour Fitness do this?

    Mar 25 10 - 4:11pm

    So if this actually works to increase women's breast size, it also causes them to come under suspicion as militants-with-exploding-boob-implants, as reported on this very blog, three entries later. Just can't win with the big boobies.

    Mar 27 10 - 8:13am

    maybe it works by building your pecs? I have sort of small boobs and a friend said "wonder if it's possible to make them bigger by working out your pecs" (it was obviously a guy friend)...I thought that was total BS but it might make sense...

    Mar 21 12 - 10:49am

    This sounds entirely likely. There are many ways to make breasts seem as though they're larger than they really are, as Victoria's Secret has taught us.