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19-Year-Old Girl In China Strips For Charity


Over a million people have viewed these photos that Scanner Nicole showed us earlier of a partly-clad teenage girl who is raising money for victims of her country's devastating earthquake.

"I am still a student, so I am doing my part in my way. I just want to give something back to my hometown."

Of course, conservatives all over the world (especially in her home country) have been attacking the 19-year-old Xiao Yun:

'These photographs look like they were carefully selected. She probably just wants to use the viral nature of the Internet to raise her profile online.'

Another blogger lamented: 'It's a pity that these 'post-90' (referring to the year 1990) girls are so shameless. Is this all they know how to do? What happened to their dignity?'
[Asia Finest]

We say it's a brilliant way to skirt obscenity law and do some good for people who have nothing. Unless she turns out to be hoarding the money for herself, we have to assume her heart is in the right place... [Note: We were going to include a donation link, but we can't even find the original website. Perhaps here?]



More photos here. 

Via Ananova. 

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brian, just after the summer olympics the chinese will pull the plug on the US dollar and you might be stripping with her to earn your plane fare over to Beijing to seek employment.
Anonymous commented on Jul 19 08 at 11:19 am

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