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Yesterday we were treated to a new four-minute trailer for The Chronicles of Rick Roll, starring viral video all-stars such as Antoine "Bed Intruder" Dodson, Bear "Double Rainbow" Vasquez, and Gary "Numa Numa" Brolsma. Executive producer Andrew Fischer plays title character "Rick Rolland," punning on the internet prank meme of linking to videos of '80's singer Rick Astley. Fischer, who also wrote the script, estimates that the online cult heroes in the trailer are responsible for more than two-billion pageviews combined, an attractive selling point to potential financers, as there's not enough dough to make a full-length film at the moment. And I hope it does get made, because it looks terribly bad enough to have some Mystery Science Theater 3000-esque mockery value.

The trailer points at a self-aware, comedic amalgam of adventure epics such as The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia, with a shot of YouTube, wherein the title character is transported to a futuristic realm known as "Middle Internet" in his quest to rescue the heroine, a chick he met on a dating site. With the assistance of the band of viral nutjobs, he must overcome obstacles such as evil, living pop-up ads. If Antoine Dodson as the Mad Hatter is your cup of tea, or if Paul Vasquez losing his shit over a "double lamppost" makes you all tingly, then Andrew Fischer has a movie to sell you.

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