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Craigslist is a powerful tool. You can use it to get an apartment, find a job, or have sex with a prostitute. In college I was surprised to find out my good friend was one of the latter. He'd started on a whim after meeting some Craigslist sex workers at a party, and now he was making $100 to receive a blowjob. (Don't get too excited, straight guys — he was getting the BJ from another dude.) And one of the girls he met at that party sold her panties on the site for $200 a pair. I'd heard rumors about this kind of thing for years, but here was proof it was possible. Two-hundred bucks for underwear? I wasn't up for posing in my panties, but I could totally do that! Unlike sex for money, selling used underwear didn't feel inherently sleazy or immoral. And sure, a guy buying panties online might seem a little off, but in the words of my friend the Craigslist gigolo, "Just because a guy's a panty-sniffer doesn't make him a bad person." After years of flirting with the idea, it was time for me to find out: can a girl make easy money off her dirty laundry? And how much money are we talking?

• panties (worn)
• the internet
• girl parts
• fake name/e-mail account
• bodyguard
• several people in my phone I promised to text after each panty drop off so they would know I wasn't dead

My main concern (and everyone else's) was my personal safety. So the sensible way to sell my panties seemed to be a mail-order system, until I realized you can only set up a Paypal account in your legal name. My legal name is Meghan Pleticha. Go ahead, Google that. I'm the only hit. Alternatively, I could have them send me a check, which gave them my home address (I don't have a P.O. box) and my name. Somehow, meeting in person (with an escort, of course) actually seemed like the most sensible way to do it. I decided to make it a selling point.

Nervous, I e-mailed my friend the Craigslist prostitute to ask for advice.

He suggested I check out what other people were posting, make up a story about how I'm an impoverished college girl (not far off — I'm an impoverished journalist), and maybe start out asking for $100 per pair, adjusting the price up or down depending on people's response. So I set up an e-mail account under the name "Janey Didit" and posted the following:

"I'm a college girl who just started school in the city and really need some cash for books and stuff. I have a bunch of panties I don't need any more — some are super-cute, some are kind of old! It's $25 for the not-so-nice pairs, but I have some more expensive lacy stuff too. Serious inquiries only please!"

The e-mails started coming in, but not a lot of them wanted my panties. More common were responses like, "I'm not interested in buying panties, but do you like to have your feet worshipped?" The few who did ask for underwear all wanted something more: pictures. They got a standard response:

"Hey, I don't have pics of me in the panties, but here's a shot for you. If you'd like, I can meet you in a cafe wearing the panties (tell me what kind you like) and then go to the bathroom, come out and discreetly give them too you. $100."

Attached was the above picture. Some guys responded asking for more pictures of me, and I was ecstatic. They didn't even question the $100 asking price! But when I said no pictures of my face and no pictures of me in the panties, the responses dried up. And when I started getting more responses complaining that my asking price was too high, I started to suspect that the men agreeing to $100 just wanted to get pictures of me in my underwear for free.

This was the sketchiness I was hoping to avoid, but I was desperate for a sale. I had posted my first ad nearly a week ago, my asking price had dropped from $100 to $40, but still no takers. I didn't like this kind of bartering. Not only do I suck at negotiating, but it was making me feel like a whore after all. I'd envisioned a wallet full of Benjamins and a drawer of new panties. I hadn't envisioned myself — and I'm cringing as I write this — making extravagant promises about how "juicy" my panties were. I was selling myself. It felt gross. I got very close to forgetting the whole thing.

Then I got an e-mail from Kris, who in a very polite and brief e-mail assured me, "I have done this a bunch of times, so I know how to handle myself and the women always leave happy." Finally!

Comments ( 38 )

Good test, but ultimately a strange and creepy behavior to buy panties online.
KOP commented on Oct 28 09 at 3:34 pm
my friends paid for a trip around the world doing things. no doubt, it is work...BRAVO!
JAM commented on Oct 28 09 at 5:10 pm
This is something I've always been curious about. Maybe the author would have had an easier time in Japan...
URB commented on Oct 28 09 at 8:43 pm
@URB Ha! In Japan they have used panties in vending machines, so I would assume this author would have a lot of competition.
CB commented on Oct 28 09 at 9:22 pm
This was brilliant! Not only did you get the money for the panties, but for selling the story to Hooksexup and you'll have something you can tell people FOREVER!
PW commented on Oct 28 09 at 9:39 pm
She makes this sound so hard... it is easy money. About 6-7 years ago I was selling not only used panties but also dirty sneakers on eBay and making a killing. Yes, I always included a picture of myself in said garment. Unfortunately eBay changed their policy on selling "used" garments.
LB commented on Oct 28 09 at 10:01 pm
This article was great, it's nice to know not everyone is totally comfortable with letting strangers have their dirty underwear!
AK commented on Oct 29 09 at 9:50 pm
cool. wish men can sell used underwear.....or maybe we can?!?
Jzc commented on Oct 30 09 at 2:01 am
I would totally do this but I would opt for a mailing system.......piccs from neck down would be fine ........anyone got advice on the best way to start?
ko commented on Oct 30 09 at 7:24 pm
@Jzc: i'm sure men can. but only to other men. unless you're tom jones.
RTB commented on Oct 31 09 at 1:59 pm
@ko: you're really stumped at how to do this after reading this article? how are you even on the internet? step1: buy panties step2: ??? step3: profit!
RTB commented on Oct 31 09 at 2:03 pm
Women profit off of portraying all men as evil. Women are the real sexist chauvinistic pigs.
FU commented on Nov 01 09 at 11:30 am
Nice one! I always wondered what guys who'd buy used panties were I know! PS - @FU - yeah, clearly women are the real sexist pigs, as indicated by the 166 emails she received from various MALE panty buyers...
YAC commented on Nov 02 09 at 1:02 pm
@RTB, South Park reference? If it was intentional I liked it. Well done.
ZFC commented on Nov 03 09 at 1:31 am
Have you heard of ebanned?
MRA commented on Nov 07 09 at 1:41 pm
My wife went through menopause last year. The loss of that intoxicating scent from her pussy is something I miss so much I could see myself doing this. $100? No problem.
jm commented on Nov 09 09 at 8:29 pm
Good job girl! I actually am a poor college student selling my panties lol. It isn't bad at all, I kinda like it! Just in case someone gets curious... :)
CS commented on Nov 14 09 at 2:34 am
I sell my panties too. And I would love to have buyers like she does.
PP commented on Nov 15 09 at 9:32 pm
i'd take a free pair..who says i would sniff em
rot commented on Nov 16 09 at 9:56 pm
Shit, my pussy loses its scent when I go through menopause and you'll think of me as a dried-up old crone and start buying used underwear from girls online? Yet another thing to dread in the coming years. Thanks so much for giving me that little tidbit.
K commented on Dec 01 09 at 7:23 pm
@K, yeah, depressing huh?
LC commented on Dec 08 09 at 12:26 pm
Nice one! I always wondered what guys who'd buy used panties were I know! PS - @FU - yeah, clearly women are the real sexist pigs, as indicated by the 166 emails she received from various MALE panty buyers... no one said they were all male...
@YAC commented on Dec 18 09 at 8:32 am
Meghan, first of all, I love reading your stuff. You're hilarious. The thing about panty selling is that you can't just expect to throw up an ad. Here's the secret formula: stock photo account (or prostitute friend who has one for sure) really cute panties you buy in a pack that are too small and not worn; fish bait you can buy cheap at walmart; glitter; blog of stock photos and panties (yes, glittered) po box. connect these dots and you will see a different outcome.
SG commented on Feb 09 10 at 6:37 pm
I'm currently trying to sell my panties on Craigslist! I was hoping she would say where to post it..
ED-H commented on Feb 10 10 at 4:37 am
I think thats great, I luv buying used panties. Wish there was girls that sold their used panties in my area.
sam commented on Feb 13 10 at 5:17 pm
this is hilarious. i once "auditioned" to be a foot model in a starbucks in the middle of winter, bare feet, arches, and all. the guy def had a foot fetish. but this is way funnier.
tany commented on Feb 23 10 at 10:18 am
Inspired by this piece, I decided to try it out. I made $80 from two transactions. One guy paid $30 the other paid $50. Tomorrow I'm going to sell to two more guys. I think I'm hooked...
AG commented on Feb 26 10 at 2:02 am
you get the right girl in a bar and a shot and a beer will make here give her panties up in a second to save 12.00
mij commented on Mar 05 10 at 4:47 pm
Who would want to sniff panties? People get off to some of the most random things lol
Girl commented on Mar 10 10 at 1:41 pm
Nice story ty! i need to check CL again since last time i checked to see if a pair of womens underwear happened 2b for sale i couldnt find any girls in my area actively selling theirs (i figured those adult services girls would if i asked but agh)? i guess CL wudnt allow them postedunder the "cloths4sale" link huh?? Ive just got to stop this habit i have of pilfering thru my hottie friends hampers or dirty clothes piles and "borrowing" a used dirty thong to snifff mm till nextime i visit..i would SO pay them since i luv it so but im skeerd they will say no & discover my little panty exchange system! lol
sloanerbonershhh commented on May 13 10 at 3:59 am
my goodness... the things one can find online these days.
Dave commented on May 24 10 at 1:23 am
Hi Meghan. LOVED your story :) We posted a little teaser/review and a link to your story here: Thank you so much for sharing!
Cheryl commented on May 26 10 at 3:54 am
LOVE it! Great read, very entertaining & kudos to you for venturing into the world of panty trade that so many of us love & sharing the story. :) I sell my panties too, have for years, and yes it has its headaches & hassles, but for a true enthusiast the kinky thrill & excitement it adds to my life is usually worth it. :) So feel free to direct your unwanted buyers to ! hehehe
Sophie commented on May 31 10 at 5:25 pm
This would be funny and entertaining... except that actually there are women and underage girls being sold as sex slaves as we speak. Their pimps take all the cash, it is horrendous. CL could be fun-- if only everyone was consenting. Hooksexup should consider encouraging the public to hold CL accountable for being an accessory in these unspeakable crimes.
Noor commented on Jun 11 10 at 10:16 pm
I am a young Real Estate professional and have recently started up my own used panty franchise to compensate for the poor economy. Contact me at .
commented on Jun 15 10 at 5:02 pm
I am so excited! I am going to try this tonight! In Chicago, nw burbs, adult
kissingtimes commented on Aug 04 10 at 8:27 pm
Dear OP; I hope you realize that the "men" that were interested in your panties originally -- and then decided they just want pics of you -- were most likely what internet folk call "trolls". They wanted personal pics of you to mock and display on websites like
Mr. Helpful commented on Aug 10 10 at 2:39 am
I have never bought panties before, but I have bought socks or shoes loads of times. Part of it is just because I like women's feet, and part of it is just that I like going through the process. It's also nice if I think the woman is getting a kick out of the fact that some stranger is paying for her worn shoes.
JCHere commented on Aug 16 10 at 10:25 pm

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