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The Sweetheart Scammer
by Salvatore Ciolfi

I made my living lying about love. /personal essays/
by the Hooksexup Staff

Your week ahead. /advice/
Dating Confessions
by You

"I'm mainly attracted to you because you have the same glasses Ira Glass does."
Dating Advice from . . . Journalists
by Ariana Green

"I don't feel I really know a source until I've been involved romantically with them."
The Hooksexup Date
by Giovanni Cervantes

Playing hooky for some solo nookie. /photography/
The Conditional Surrender
by Leo Stark

I'd always been square, until I met Peg. /personal essays/
The Remote Island Q&A: Bryan Cranston
by Derrick Sanskrit

The Breaking Bad star talks chemistry, public nudity.
Miss Information
by Erin Bradley

He cheated on me — why shouldn't I cheat on him? /advice/
by the Hooksexup Staff

Your week ahead. /advice/
by American Suburb X

Each month a new artist; each image a new angle. This month: American Suburb X. /photography/
Rio Delicioso
by Alex Forman

In the world's sexiest city, Carnaval is just the beginning. /dispatches/

Bring On the Bad Guys
Five dudes who prove that a hero movie is only as good as its villains. /screengrab/
By Various.

Don't Mess With the Norton
The Fight Club star calls Marvel on the carpet. /screengrab/
By Various.

Screengrab Q&A: Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith, Directors of Son of Rambow

By Peter Smith.

Film Reviews
There Will Be Blood strikes black gold, and Persepolis is a must-see. /film lounge/
By Various.

Id in Plain Sight
A new book asks, can sex be so good that it's bad for you? /books/ By Joseph Lazauskas.

Girls, Girls, Girls
Everyone thinks they know Lolita. A new book says we're wrong. /books/
By Meghan Pleticha.

Cheesecake Factory
Author David Henry Sterry recalls his stint as the roller-skating MC of Chippendales. /books/
By James Brady Ryan.

Dirty Old Town
The author of 1972's cult-classic Motorman delivers his most twisted effort yet. /books/
By Will Doig.

Sunshine State
The Willowz are Michel Gondry-tested, Kirsten Dunst-approved. /music/ By Gwynne Watkins.

Catch 'Em If You Can
Female power-group Electrelane is all kinds of intense. /music/
By Catrinel Bartolomeu.

Captain Hook
The New Pornographers' A.C. Newman on Nietzsche, nerds and sex after marriage. /music/
By David Callicott.

Like a Midnight Cowboy
Okkervil River's Will Sheff runs deep and dark. /music/
By Sarah Hepola.

Top 10 Reasons to Bring Back Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I.
Reason #6: We'd probably get a Quantum Leap revival, too. /the remote island/ By Bryan Christian.

Top 10 Family Guy Newscasts
News you can lose. /remote island/
By Bryan Christian.

"Farmer" Wants a "Wife"?
We want more! /tv/
By Nicole Ankowski.

Wire Fire
TV's bleakest drama is also its hottest. /tv/
By Sarah Hepola.

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