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Paul Thomas Anderson's funnier half, Maya Rudolph, recently hosted SNL, turning in one of the more solid efforts this season (which isn't saying much), on par with the shows hosted by her former SNL colleague Jimmy Fallon and Bridesmaids co-star Melissa McCarthy. Rudolph busted out some of her well-known impressions, such as Maya Angelou and Beyonce, but others were conspicuously absent, like her Whitney Houston (for obvious reasons) and her popular (and noticeably slimmer) Oprah character.

But, as it turned out, Rudolph's Oprah had made a Weekend Update appearance during dress rehearsal which didn't make the cut, and we can see why. All the elements that make up the character were there: the froggy voice, the yelling, and the altruistic giveaways, but the sketch somehow fell flat. It seemed to be cursed by the character-breaking ghosts of Horatio Sanz and Jimmy Fallon from SNL skits past, and Seth Meyers committed a little cue-card faux pas as well. 

Still, it's fun to see Rudolph reprise her Oprah, who, incidentally, she adamantly denies is the model for her egomaniacal, workaholic, Chicago-based talk-show host character Ava on Up All Night. We should all give thanks that the Oprah character didn't end up being Kenan Thompson in a wig. 


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